Styling: Moschino Couture


What’s up sweet thing?
Not much? Well you’re looking AWFULLLYYY cute today anywayzz ;)
Speaking of looking cute, I just HAD to share this button Moschino Couture cardigan I was given at Xmas. I haven’t shared a ton of photos with it but legit one of my fav obsession confessions. 

Now lots of people might think a clothing piece like this is difficult to wear and kinda move on from it. BUT in fact, it’s the easiest ever. Kind of like how jumpsuits, rompers and dresses are. They’re stylish outfits all in one. So DON’T RUN AWAY FROM TRENDY CLOTHING PIECES. No, I don’t have matching Moschino Couture pants, that would be completely obnoxious. BUT, all I have to do is pair this sweater with neutral, plain pants + a tank top & I’m done. That’s it. The cardigan makes a statement all on it’s own.

PLUS done up, the buttons completely blend in creating an optical illusion that I’m wearing a pullover/jumper.


So here it is.


moschino-couture moschino-couture-1


So AKA If you’re worried about how to style a super trendy or expressive piece of clothing just pair it with plain, neutrals and you’ll be fine!!

This applies to any type of flashy/trendy pieces you may have. So go ahead and own it.

Check back on Wednesday cause I have more things I want to rave about, as per usual. 

Enjoy your weekend babe.

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xxoo Drea Marie

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