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SOOOO I had such a blast hanging out At Home with Kristyn Cole and talking all my fav DIY Beauty Hacks. However, I’m posting these secret beauty tricks today to make sure NO girlie misses out on them. Aaaaaaand here we go…..

Okay so FYI, I’m not a DIY-er… BUT I do have some talent when it comes to DIY beauty tricks.
Who doesn’t love easy, budget friendly beauty hacks that actually WORK?! I mean hello! I don’t know about you but sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience to try expensive beauty products that may or may not give me what I’m looking for #beautybuzzkill.

Today I’m explaining what DIY beauty hacks I religously use and have worked for me. 

Grapeseed Oil // Makeup Remover

OMG! Who knew. Grapeseed oil is safe and EXTREMELY effective for removing eye makeup. I poured some into my old Shu Uemura cleansing oil container and I use it all the time. Also, it’s perfect for travel! AKA You don’t have to even bring it… Just call down to the hotel front desk and request a small bowl of grapeseed oil. It’ll last all trip guaranteed.

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Manuka Honey // Acne Face Mask

Adult acne… something that should not exist, but guess what it does and we have manuka honey to help battle it! Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees from the manuka bush. Researchers have discovered it has natural antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties and actually reduces pain + redness.
So, what you do is quite simply apply the manuka honey over the affected area and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse off!

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{Here is the Manuka Honey that I use.}

Coconut Oil // Dry Hair or Skin Treatment

We’ve all probably heard an incredible list of uses for coconut oil. I haven’t explored them ALL, but when it comes to dry hair or skin coconut oil is what I grab.
*For hair: I apply coconut oil to DRY hair at night, avoiding the roots but starting about mid-way to the ends. I then wrap my hair into a top bun and go to sleep. In the AM I shower, wash my hair and voila. MUCH BETTER. I then proceed to wash my pillowcase #ugh.
Lastly…. use hair oil the night PRIOR to highlights/bleaching appt –> It’ll lessen the damage and leave your hair healthier/brighter.


Sugar & Honey // Lip Scrub

Winter has got me rocking chapped lips alll the time. Not a cute look. My favourite fix is sooo quick and easy. Just combine honey and sugar, apply to your lips and scrub with clean fingertips! Rinse and voila, a gorgeous plump natural pout.

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Okay so my favourite. It might not be a beauty hack but to me, it’s a LIFE hack….

Getting sick? // Oil of Oregano + Manuka Honey

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As soon as I feel it, I take an oil of oregano capsule and then brush my teeth/tongue, floss, use mouthwash, drop a dropper full of oil of oregano oil into a bit of juice or water and take it like a shot immediately. Finish off with a teaspoon of manuka honey and let it coat your mouth/tongue. THEN SLEEP!

You’ll wake up feeling 1000000% better. Every time.

Well that’s all from me gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed chatting as much as I did.

xxoo Drea Marie

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