Winter Rehab by skyn ICELAND



Hey gorg
K so I’m loving ANOTHER Xmas gift I was given and I have to share.

Winter Rehab Kit by skyn ICELAND


Talk about a Wintervention.
Where are my Canadian girls at? What about those with exceptionally dry skin…*sigh*, I’m right there with you all. I combat combination skin and let me tell you when it’s dry, IT IS DRY. Talk about diva.

So when my super awesome parents gifted me this kit I was ecstatic. For one, it’s all in one. One kit has everything you need. I LOVE THAT. SKINCARE COMPANIES MAKE US MORE KITS!

Anyways, the glacier face wash is fab you only need a tiny bit and it foams up like crazy which is awesome. The Arctic Elixir feels so good on my skin it’s like a big gulp of water+electrolytes for my face. Then the Cloud Cream is buttery smooth. Lastly, the Icelandic eye pen tightens and firms my under eyes. If you need an extra eye boost on those mornings after a late night or before a date the hydro cool firming eye gels are unnnnnnnreal. I pop them into the freezer then use them and it’s like the best thing ever.

Talk about a rescue team…. this combo absolutely fights my winter stressed-dry-chapped-irritated skin. I finish off with this Rose Salve on my lips that I SWEAR BY {legit gift it to my friends cause we all need it}.


{ I get mine from Bath & Body Works; photo from same }IMG_3951


winter-rehab-by-skyn6 winter-rehab-by-skyn5



winter-rehab-by-skyn4 winter-rehab-by-skyn3 winter-rehab-by-skyn2  


Make sure to check out skyn ICELAND here & find a retailer nearby.

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