I hope you’re reading this while sunbathing and sipping frosé. If not, let’s make it happen.

Today ALSO means we are ONE WEEK away from Stampede weekend 1. ONE WEEK.

The countdown is on. It’s time to start planning out outfits and booking our beauty routine.

JUST a little itinerary for ya’ll, stampede beauty will be posted TOMORROW and followed up with my Guide to Stampede. AKA what to do and how to survive.


Stampede is Calgary’s hallmark event of the year. People travel from all around the world to attend. You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT need to be a country fan. I know, shocking. I wasn’t and would attend Stampede each and every year.

The city basically shuts down for 10 days. Minimal work is down and maximum beer is poured. From 7am to 7am the next day.

Book your ticket or at least tap that ghost at the bottom of the page and hangout on snapchat.


If you’re away somewhere camping or laying poolside this weekend it’s okay. I’ve done the stampede outfit PLANNING so Tuesday AM all you need to be concerned with is going and buying.

Ladies, this is the time of year where we ALL pull out those daisy dukes and cowboy boots. Everyone has an insanely good time and we all look and feel fab.

I am a huge fan of ripped jean shorts, crop top, belt and cowboys boot combo. I love that shit. You honestly can’t go wrong with it. I have to admit every year that is at least one of my outfits.

Earlier this week I was able to hangout with Blondie Boutique and pull the PERFECT stampede outfits. You guys know I’m particular about outfits. It’s like Blondie went through my Instagram likes, flew to LA and bought ALL OF IT. Colour me impressed.

+ Suede bodycon dress

Suede is actually super on trend with stampede. I wasn’t initially sure but once I paired that teal suede dress with tan cowboy boots it was a no brainer. A sexier stampede option. 

+ White lace

Rompers, dresses, tops, crop tops, ruffles. So much yes.

+ Off the shoulder top

Loving that white silk off the shoulder top SO MUCH that I bought it. Legit. Megan and I decided I NEEDED that one. It’s such a different option for Stampede which is always fun.

+ Crop top

ALWAYS. Crop top and ripped jean shorts. It will happen at some point during the 1o days.

+ Sexy black dress

OKAY. Picture this.  A sexy black silk dress with a bit of lace and the cream suede choker I’m wearing below with cowboy boots. PERFECT COWBOYS TENT NIGHT. 

+ Fringe & Ties

The tie up back black dress is perfect. Basically anything with tie ups or a purse OR jacket with fringe is IN.

+ Bodysuit


+ Chokers & neckerchiefs

THAT RED BANDANA. Fold and tie as a neckerchief. I am obsessed with neckerchiefs lately. They are VERY in right now so rock it. Don’t be afraid.

+ Trendy Belt

The double buckle belt was everywhere last year and still is. Now there are more affordable options instead of the $200 one last year. 

+ Country Hat

I said country hat because it doesn’t have to be a cowboy hat. How cute is the brown one below. Of course cowboys hats are always in and I truly think everyone looks good in them.

+ Cowboy Boots

MUST. I have short legs so I opted for these amazing Jeffrey Campbell tan cowboy ankle boots. I know, I’m different haha. But I love them! If you’re in the market for legit cowboy boots go to Alberta Boots in Calgary, AB.

SO ALL OF THESE OUTFITS YOU CAN BUY AT BLONDIE. Like right now, go. You can ALSO shop the store ONLINE. Yes. So even you tough cookies who are camping in the middle of nowhere right now can buy your stampede outfits right here right now.

Here’s some other stampede-y options I was aimlessly browsing through. Those Jeffrey Campbell glitzy cowboy booties I own and absolutely ADORE. Worth it. 

xxoo Drea Marie

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