Hi gorg

I’m letting you in on a little secret today.

My stampede beauty breakdown.

Listen. I believe the whole look good feel good mantra. Shame on me. Jk but honestly I think there is NOTHING wrong with looking good and feeling good!

ALSO this isn’t exclusive to Stampede. Use this routine leading up to any summer event. Think birthdays, weddings, reunions, a random girls night out, anything.

It’s not extensive, but it’s worked for about 7 years. So here we go.


A week before: 
laser genesis + hair

4 days before:
nails + brow tint

2 days before:
Spray tan

Day of:
Sally Hansen airbrush legs + GOSH sun disk


x Laser Genesis:

 A few weeks ago I shared with you my latest obsession confession; laser genesis. So this year I decided to share with you how I would incorporate it in my stampede beauty routine.

The number one thing you MUST remember for laser genesis is that for a few days after, minimize sun exposure. So if you pop in for a last minute laser genesis appt this week or next, just make sure you wear your cowboy hat this weekend.

x Hair:

Now this can change. I suggest one week before if you’re going to a new stylist in order to avoid any last minute meltdowns. I have been using Hair On Location now because life is CRAZY and I don’t want to spend hours in a salon when I can have an amazing hairstylist come to my home while I can multitask with a glass of wine in hand. I book before Stampede or they could come and style a fun updo for you if you want! 

x Nails:

POWDER DIP or Morgan at ESMÉ. Okay, YYC girlgang, Uptown Nail Boutique in Mission does Powder dip and it is stronger if your nails break easily. Lately I’ve been going to Morgan at Esmeé and she does such an amazing job. I get square shape, ALWAYS. 

FOR TOES: I went to Butter Beauty in Bankers Hall and they did a PHENOMINAL job. Not to mention the decor is insane. So chic. 

x Brow Tint:

YESYESYES. Necessary for Stampede. A fresh bold brow tint. I went to Jillian at the Brow Studio’s Auburn Bay location in Calgary originally and she did the BEST JOB. I actually have an appt with her coming up. If you’re running around downtown and don’t have time to swing by Auburn Bay, Ashley at Butter Beauty Bar in Bankers Hall.

Girl. They will take care of you. Jillian and Ashley are definitely the best brow ladies in Calgary. 

x Spray Tan:

NO Sun for us. We want to stay youthful and cancer FREE. Sooooo cue Organic Tan. Recently I did a Instagram Live Q & A with Leah. She does MOBILE TANNING in Calgary. AMAZING. I had so much fun, she made me feel super comfortable and my tan was AMAZING. She customizes it to every skin tone. I also love that Organic Tan is, well, organic and all natural.

If you’re running on empty, AKA ME, just head to any Fabutan and it takes legit 5 minutes. Plus their tan is NOT orange, they use Mystic Tan which leaves me looking like a bronzed goddess. I get the DEEP one for stampede. If it’s your first time try MEDIUM.

x Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs:

Wrote about this literally 3 years ago and I AM STILL WRITING ABOUT IT NOW. The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is life changing. I still remember getting ready for stampede with the girls and being crammed into a bathroom while all applying this stuff. It’s an aerosol spray that you apply VERY CAREFULLY. Guys, this shit gets everywhere. You have to be SO careful. But then it stays put, for good and your legs look flawless all night long until you shower it off. I also put it on my arms. Seriously. 

x GOSH sun disk:

After you apply the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, use this sun disk as a highlighter. It has the best coverage. My girlfriends and I have been using this product for the last 8 years because the shade of highlighter is perfect for seamless body coverage. Collarbones, knee caps and shoulders.

xxoo Drea Marie

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