Brow Tinting and Why You Need To Get It Done. ASAP.

Do you guys remember my brow post from a couple years ago? I wanted to update that info with something.


If you guys know Lauryn Evarts, you know she talks about tinting her brows all the time. This is where my interest with brow tinting began. But I never took the leap.

Until two days ago.


I’m addicted. Brows TRULY frame your face and a gorgeous set of polished brows can do WONDERS for anyone. I totally thought I was doing enough on my own but my interest into brow tinting just kept growing and growing. So FINALLY I did it.

My look is refreshed and my brows are now SO FREAKING EASY TO FILL IN. I’m no longer guessing where my brow should go. I’m just following the outline with a bit a brow powder and filling in very lightly. Yes, you read that right, I am still filling them in but I can’t stress enough how much LESS I’m doing to achieve perfect brows for my face.

Thank GOD for Jillian. {PS if you’re in the Calgary area go to Jillian at The Brow Studio in their new Auburn Station location.}

She said something that really resonated with me. I was chatting about brow trends {block brows, ombré brows, natural bushy brows etc.} and she chimed in saying how a set of natural yet enhanced brows that actually flatter your face shape will NEVER go out of style. You’ll never look back on photos and be like “Oh yeah… that was DEFINITELY 2015….”. Kind of like I do when I look back on the pencil thin brow era Gwen Stefani lead… thank god hers grew back. Some of us weren’t so lucky.

 It’s so true though!!

“Brows intrigue me. Every pair looks unique because of a person’s bone structure.”

– Anastasia Soare CEO, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

{before; I’m embarrassed}

Jillian gets it. I told her I wanted defined brows that flatter my face and I also didn’t want to spend 30 minutes shaping and darkening one then trying to twin the sister brow to look the same {it never does}.

Solution? TINT.

Especially if you’re like me and still too nervous to micro blade those brows on.


I can’t explain to you how low maintenance my eyebrows are now. Give me a teensy bit of brow powder, a brow brush and I’m done. 2 seconds. Okay maybe 30 seconds but you get it.
The tinting process took like 30 seconds, we did two washes of tint. It darkened my brow, especially the tail. Then the shaping was all thanks to Jillian; she used wax, tweezing and trimming. 

Maintenance: Tint lasts about 5 weeks. Approx. 3 if you’re getting lots of sun exposure though.

Okay guys what do you think? Are you gunna tint? Have I convinced you? Leave any comments below and I’ll definitely reply.


xxoo Drea Marie 

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