Need a New Do? Hair Trends 2015

Summer 2016 Hair trends!!


Okay so guess what it’s MAY.

That’s what you were thinking too wasn’t it.

The excitement doesn’t end there. Summer is literally right around the corner.
What better way to embrace the summer vibes then a little do-over?
Time to let go of the low lights and mix things up.

You got the fashions, now let’s finish this makeover. We’re gunna explore summer hair trends 2015 style.

Summer Babes Guide to Hair Trends {2015}:

***TIP: Put down the at home hair kit and treat yourself to a real hairdresser… Let’s avoid any pre-summer meltdowns***

The Lob


The Lob {Long Bob} is totally in right now. I’m obsessing over this look. I myself have played with the idea of chopping several inches off my mane. Maybe after popping a couple Ativan I’ll actually go through with it. ANYWAYS, the lob is totally in. A blunt, tousled lob is a win in my books. Make sure to give your lob lots of volume + texture. Sexy waves, tousled, it’s all just so fab. #Ubsessed.



Remember when you were like 8 years old {pre-Youtube video days} and trying desperately to teach yourself how to braid your own hair? Well that result is all the rage right now. Messy, grungey, half undone braids are making a comeback and I am in full support. Basically once you finish the braid, start pulling and breaking up the braids to create texture. Click here for some awesome photos.

I LOVE this step by step guide to a fishtail Boho braid pony. Also, click here for a suuuuuper cute step by step guide for a easy Boho braid tutorial.




{photo cred: Sheerluxe}

Probably my fav hair color trend right now. Not quite balayage, baby lights are super fine, sunkissed high-lights strategically placed in your hair to add that natural summer shimmer. Compared to the bold contrast of ombré, babylights are very natural looking. Such a small change can be the perfect do-over you’ve been searching for. ESPECIALLY babylights framing the face which will brighten up your entire look for summer. So good.



{photo cred: Lauren Conrad}

For those of you that are daring and bold when it comes to changing your hair color.. a) I envy you and b) pastel is so hot right now.
Seriously I wish I could change my hair do without having a complete meltdown. If you’re debating what pastel color to try, baby purple is definitely trending. Do it. And then send me photos.

For those of us who literally have anxiety attacks over the thought of permanent hair change, you can actually buy temporary hair dye that will come out after several washes. This way you can participate in the fun and leave the Xanax at home ;).

Now you know the trends so call your stylist, set up an appt and get this party started.

Until next week sweet cheeks ;)

xxoo Drea Marie

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