#Sunless Tanned Skin Is In


Soooooo where my Canadians at? You all know the issues we face when trying to achieve a goddess glow in the winter months…. AKA about 8 months of the year… like seriously. It’s not fair. Anyways, summer is legit right around the corner. We need to prep. Sunless tanned skin is in.
CLARIFICATION: NOT tanning-bed skin, but sunless tanned skin…. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Tanning beds are not an option. Skin cancer is on a rise in young women and we need to squash the idea of it being at all acceptable.
Anyways, thankfully I’ve got the best sunless tanning products to get that saucy glow without the cancerous rays.

+ Fabutan’s Mystic Tan

I have no idea why, but this electronic booth spray tan is seriously good. I have never had streaks or had the spray tan transfer to my clothing or bed sheets.. KEY in the spray tan world. But please do me a favor and spend the extra couple dollars on sticky feet or use a couple towels/hair nets to stand on in the booth. Trust me. Do it.
Also, Fabutan usually has a special on 2 for 1 spray tans etc. every couple months so sign up for their emails! #WorthIt

+ St. Tropez

This stuff SERIOUSLY works. I’ve been searching for the best at home sunless tanner solutions for quick tans and this is by far the best. There is a hint of green in the mix {don’t freak out}, the green actually works to eliminate any orange tone that sunless tanners have a reputation of creating. Make sure you get an application mitt and alsouse a hair blow dryer to set the tan …. Yes you read that right. Use the cool button on the hair blow dryer after application. Secrets of the sunless tanning world.


A couple go to products I use for night outs and sunny summer patio days are Tantalizer by LORAC and Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs. I use that shit all over. It is a staple in my getting ready routine. Also, head to shoppers and invest in the GOSH sundisk. LOVE. Can’t live without these products, especially in Canada.

Until next week lovaaaaas ;)

xxoo Drea Marie

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