TSC Bombshell Body Guide #Day1

Hay kitten

How’s your summer going so far?
Not sure about you but I know mine could use less sugar and a liiiiittle bit more exercise.
After putting down the Costco chicago popcorn mix and contemplating which moo-moo combo would work with my new bikini I decided it was time to get serious.

SO, who follows The Skinny Confidential?
If you don’t, you need to.
My girl Lauryn Evarts knows whats up.

Which is why when she launched her brand new TSC Bombshell Body Guide I KNEW this was the key to confidence.

Yes, I have the TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

And YES, I’m going to review it for you.

Okay so I started the workouts yesterday. Let’s just say, I underestimated how sore I’d be today. Sneezing is difficult.

I say underestimated because on paper, the workouts seem rather “easy”, HOWEVER, Lauryn and her team have clearly done a kick ass job at targeting those little muscles that define and tone bikini bodies.


TSC Bombshell Body Guide #Day1

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+ Targets little muscles that tone & define lean bods.

+ I’m in luhhhhhv with how the workouts incorporate an aerobic aspect and full body circuits so I know I’m upping my heart rate enough to shed that excess fat from all over.

+ NOT TIME CONSUMING. So good. It’s perfect for days I’m not feeling 100% but think “okay, it’s just a quick workout I’ll just start” then all of a sudden the blood and endorphins are flowing and then the workout is done and I feel fabulous. Best way for a plan to be sustainable.

+ TSC has a members profile + website with access to EVERYTHING once you purchase the guide. A community of bombshell babes, recipes, workouts, 7 day slim down meal guide & a speedy 3 day skinny cleanse. #WORTHIT


// Okay I need to buy a stop watch or something. The workouts are time based, so like 30 seconds of pushups etc. Flipping back and forth on my iPhone from stopwatch to the workout plan is not ideal but I do like the time based plan cause I end up constantly moving.

You guys I’m so excited about this plan. I’ll be reviewing it at mid way and at the finale as well. The entire program is 28 weeks.


It’ll be totally fun and totally worth it. I can’t wait.

Alright babes, time to go walk, jog & squat off last nights dinner. Chat soon.

xxoo Drea Marie

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