I know, ANOTHER PACKWOOD POST. By now you’re well aware that I was able to attend the event of the summer in Calgary…. Packwood Grand.

Today we’re walking through the entire experience and what you should expect if you haven’t attended before. This year the event took place bright and early on July 29th. The day started with mimosas {OBVI do not miss my How To Throw Your Pre Packwood Party post.} and frantically perfecting my fascinator so that we were on time to the Starting Line at National on 10th Ave. This was where we all met for a breakfast buffet, mayyyyybe a few drinks, and ofcourse registration for the main event. After a few Meadjitos, we hopped on one of the numerous buses available. 

The ride to Century Downs flew by, really, getting out there wasn’t an issue at all. Upon arrival we were greeted by a red carpet and photo op session. We easily found our seating area and grabbed a bevy. Everyone was looking SO GOOD. Seriously, YYC you clean up well. This was one of my favourite parts, people watching. Everyone brought their A game and I mean for good reason… the best dressed guy and girl each received $1000 to CrossIron Mills. If you want that prize check out my style guide ;) hahaha

About 5 minutes in, I was in line at the betting booth. CLEARLY no clue what I was doing but I put money down for 6 races. My strategy was simple.. I picked the horses with the most hilarious names. AND I WON ONE. Holy moly, it was actually so fun. I suggest betting on at least a few races because then you really get into it. 

Before the races started I trotted over to the VIP area, which was located just in the middle of the track. There they had set up a bunch of fun booths; a cotton candy station with champagne flavouring, a Veuve Clicquot area, a buffet by Executive Chef Robert Jewell from Double Zero, more drinks, Calgary jewelry, gift bags, a cigar hangout, and belvedere vodka.

It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was wonderful. White tents, dozens of flowers, white picket fences, it was perfect. I had the most wonderful time chatting with friends, meeting new people, sipping some bubbly and EVEN petting some horses!

When the day was coming to an end, they had buses waiting to drive us to the Winners Circle at National 8th Ave roof top patio. The entire day was glamorous and we all had a blast.

If you didn’t get a chance to join make sure you grab a ticket for next year! 

Thanks to the entire Packwood Grand team and especially Mirissa Kampf, Cory Edwards and Tyler Rygus for including me in this years event.


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+ all photos by the talented Katelyn Eslinger
+ my fascinator by Lia of Pink Spots

xxoo Drea Marie


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