READ IT IN 3 minutesLet’s go shopping. We have an event this weekend and guess what, it’s not too late to find a FAB outfit. I know, we should have started looking like weeks ago but who has time to plan like that?! Anyways, here we are, excited and outfitless.  I’m sharing my pro tips and tricks to nailing your Packwood outfit and/or, honestly, any fancy summer event.   <br /> I love ALL of these options.  Zandra from Life With Zandra and I decided to go search high and low for Packwood Grand outfit inspo. We headed to CrossIron Mills cause HELLO, we love a good bargain and they have tons of dresses. After sifting through tons of options at Saks Off Fifth, I narrowed it down to my […]

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Calgary based lifestyle blogger Andrea Ewanishan sharesΒ the hottest calgary stampede style. Featuring her favourite wardrobe essentials.

READ IT IN 3 minutesONE SLEEP YOU GUYS Slash… no more sleeps for some. Cowboys Stampede tent opens TONIGHT. July 6th. From parties to sugar-free, dairy-free & gluten-free pancake breakfasts, this is the most fabulous Stampede guide yet Polish up your cowboy boots and lay out your Stampede outfits NOW. It’s here. The next 10 days Calgarys norm will be plaid, cowboy boots and Caesers at 8am. Also, like everything shuts down, except the bars of course. Get ready to drink SO go read my hangover cure post. UGH our livers. The thing is, there are ACTUALLY other things to do during Stampede that don’t involve drinking…. DID YOU KNOW THAT?! I know, craziness. I’m sharing my personal Stampede guide. I’ve been attending the Calgary Stampede since BEFORE I moved […]

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READ IT IN 4 minutesI have SUCH an exciting post for today. Pretty much because there are like 900 photos BUT ALSO cause we are chatting PACKWOOD GRAND! We are ONE MONTH AWAY TODAY. July 29, 2017. Mark it down. YES yes yes yes. The event of the summer. I know a few of you have no clue what I’m talking about so let’s talk. Packwood Grand is a fabulous event  inspired by the Kentucky Derby but held in Calgary every year. A TON of Calgary’s young professionals dress up in their summers best and attend. It IS an elegant affair but socializing and drinking does take place…. for a majority of the time.  GUYS WE DRESS UP AND HAVE FANCY COCKTAILS AND CHAT. Isn’t that what we always […]

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