Fashion Face-off: CG vs. PJS

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Well. It’s the middle of winter in Canada. Not sure exactly how many of you live in Canada or have had the pleasure of visiting, BUT FYI, winter is friggin’ freezing.

Not gunna sugar coat it here people. You need to bundle up. Looking super cute is fabulous but frostbite is not. If you’re living in or planning to visit a winter wonderland make sure you take notes.

That $75 super stylish wool pea coat with NO insulation is not going to cut it in the -25 bone chilling weather. Sorry to burst your fashion bubble. However, I have a way to keep you cozy, happy and stylish :)

Welcome to spark{le}’s first ever

Fashion Face-off

The big players in cold weather outerwear are Canada Goose and Parajumpers.

So let’s dissect each brand and make sure you check out the links I’ve added below for my fav styles.

Canada Goose


– Canadian made. These threads have been made 100% in Canada since 1957.

– Sold in over 40 countries worldwide

– These jackets have trekked to the Summit of Mt. Everest, South Pole and freezing dog sled travels, passing the test every time.

Natural protection. They use coyote fur around the hoods because it doesn’t freeze {ever} or hold water. The length also protects the your skin, reducing any heat loss from the face.

Down technology. Hutterite down is among the most premium Canada down out there, which is of course what they use.


– Price. These fine down coats aren’t cheap but they are durable.

Repetition. {Everyone has one..}. Canada Goose has taken off over the last few years. The statement factor has dropped a bit and people are looking for a new trend setter that provides extreme warmth as well.



– The men of the 210th Rescue Squadron in Anchorage, Alaska are highly trained for extreme rescues in the wildest, most remote and hostile corners of the Earth. Ships adrift at sea, rock-climbers stuck at 4,000 meter peaks or submarines sunk at incredible depths, the Parajumpers are the ones called to save lives.

– Designer Massimo Rossetti met with the squad and was inspired to create an innovative outerwear with highly functional and technological components.

– Hard-wearing nylon, extremely warm down filling and the finest coyote {for men} or finnraccoon {for women} fur-trimmed hood. The fur is harvested in EU under the strictest regulations in the world. Animal health, welfare, housing conditions, feeding, breeding and environment protection are held to the highest standard. Read more here.

– The collar fastens with a real, functional parachuting hook {handy for awful first dates}.

– Purse full? These jackets feature multiple zippable pockets. Maybe you don’t have GPS devices, ropes and hooks like the PJs BUT, lipgloss, concealer, mascara, perfume and dry shampoo are totally acceptable.

– Trend setting. You’re going to be seeing more and more as they become popular. If you want something a bit edgier and looking for an alternative to CG, then Parajumpers is for you.

Lastly, I own one. Definitely a pro in my books {half kidding}.


– The price point is around the same for Canada Goose but quality is what you pay for people. If you’re going to splurge, do it on something durable.


Now YOU be the judge. Both are spark{le} approved ;)

Fav Styles:

Parajumpers Right Hand Down Parka in Black • Parajumpers
Parajumpers Angie Down Coat • Parajumpers
Parajumpers Long Bear Coat • Parajumpers
Parajumpers Kodiak Down Coat • Parajumpers
Canada Goose ‘Kensington’ parka • Canada Goose
Canada Goose ‘Trillium’ parka • Canada Goose

Winter Outerwear




xxoo Drea Marie

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