Gift Guide for THE MEN.


Hey loves

Well, that was some weekend hey? I LOVE a good deal. Definitely picked up a few goodies for Christmas presents and maybe a couple things for myself. Win win!

Now, speaking of Christmas presents, I have SUCH a hard time shopping for the boys in my life. I feel like with girls, I know EXACTLY what I would want and love sharing my new favs as gifts with them. With the boys…. I’m not quite sure how much my brother would love a sparkly gold Felony Case or fab marble cheese plate. 

WHICH IS WHY I’ve thought loooong and hard about today’s post. Gift Guide for The Men. I’ve even done a super casual field study {AKA I asked boys what they want for Christmas}.

Holy guacamole, I actually put together an AMAZING GIFT GUIDE FOR THE MEN.

Check it out suga.


Gift Guide for THE MEN.



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+ TOM FORD NOIR EXTREME >> LOVE THIS COLOGNE. K I actually have a funny story about this one. I bought it thinking it was womens….. THATS HOW MUCH I LIKED IT. Omg my life.

+ DARN TOUGH SOCKS >> Lifetime warranty. If he busts a hole in them just mail them back and they send him a new pair.


+ TRENDY SHAVING SUPPLIES >> YYC, check out Kent of Inglewood.


+ SONOS PLAY:1 + PLAYBAR >> About $200, which is a steal for a Sonos. It enters him into the world of Sonos. Haven’t heard about Sonos? Get out of that cave you’ve been hiding in. It’s revolutionary. His guy friends will be trรฉs jealous. Also, if he gets TWO Sonos Plays he can pair them into stereo mode and with the addition of the play bar he can create surround sound for his tv. There are $250, $380 or $650 versions and is giving $30 off the PLAY:1 or $50 off PLAY:3 & PLAY:5 until end of December!!!! 


+ DAPPER COAT >> LOVE this one from ASOS by Heart & Dagger. If he’s not into the fur collar that’s okay but it’s so trendy. 

+ TRENDY BOMBER >> This one is from ASOS. 

+ URBAN OUTFITTER SWEATS >> The comfiest + stylish for men.


Alright loves. If I think of anything else, or if ANY OF YOU MEN WANT TO COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT I’M MISSING, I will most definitely do another post before the panic present shopping marathon.


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