Gift Guide for THE MEN.


Hey loves

Well, that was some weekend hey? I LOVE a good deal. Definitely picked up a few goodies for Christmas presents and maybe a couple things for myself. Win win!

Now, speaking of Christmas presents, I have SUCH a hard time shopping for the boys in my life. I feel like with girls, I know EXACTLY what I would want and love sharing my new favs as gifts with them. With the boys…. I’m not quite sure how much my brother would love a sparkly gold Felony Case or fab marble cheese plate. 

WHICH IS WHY I’ve thought loooong and hard about today’s post. Gift Guide for The Men. I’ve even done a super casual field study {AKA I asked boys what they want for Christmas}.

Holy guacamole, I actually put together an AMAZING GIFT GUIDE FOR THE MEN.

Check it out suga.


Gift Guide for THE MEN.



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+ TOM FORD NOIR EXTREME >> LOVE THIS COLOGNE. K I actually have a funny story about this one. I bought it thinking it was womens….. THATS HOW MUCH I LIKED IT. Omg my life.

+ DARN TOUGH SOCKS >> Lifetime warranty. If he busts a hole in them just mail them back and they send him a new pair.


+ TRENDY SHAVING SUPPLIES >> YYC, check out Kent of Inglewood.


+ SONOS PLAY:1 + PLAYBAR >> About $200, which is a steal for a Sonos. It enters him into the world of Sonos. Haven’t heard about Sonos? Get out of that cave you’ve been hiding in. It’s revolutionary. His guy friends will be trĂ©s jealous. Also, if he gets TWO Sonos Plays he can pair them into stereo mode and with the addition of the play bar he can create surround sound for his tv. There are $250, $380 or $650 versions and is giving $30 off the PLAY:1 or $50 off PLAY:3 & PLAY:5 until end of December!!!! 


+ DAPPER COAT >> LOVE this one from ASOS by Heart & Dagger. If he’s not into the fur collar that’s okay but it’s so trendy. 

+ TRENDY BOMBER >> This one is from ASOS. 

+ URBAN OUTFITTER SWEATS >> The comfiest + stylish for men.


Alright loves. If I think of anything else, or if ANY OF YOU MEN WANT TO COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT I’M MISSING, I will most definitely do another post before the panic present shopping marathon.


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