When I travel, I NEVER check luggage.


Ask any of my friends.

I only carry on and it is the best thing of life. 

Trying to navigate through a different city with a giant suitcase, let alone somewhere in EUROPE or ASIA or AUSTRALIA, is my idea of torture. It’s such a damper.

News flash, your days of checking bags and paying fees is over.

I’m finally sharing my VERY SECRET packing tips so that you will NEVER check a bag again. 

It’s the holidays, 90% of us are travelling to see family, friends, or even to get the heck out of the snow and onto a beach somewhere. Every year I do the whole Calgary – Edmonton – Winnipeg – Calgary trip so I’ve totally nailed the hectic holiday in a carry on thing.


When I discovered packing cubes, my life changed. Legit. It was my PARENTS who introduced me to them. I wasn’t sure at first, but of my gosh. It’s changed my packing game. Buy these, I got mine off Amazon. I use a BIG one for my clothes; pants, shirts, blouses & dresses. I fold them nicely in the cube then ZIP it up and voila, they are packed all together and all of a sudden I have more space then before since it compresses everything together. I pack my underwear, swimsuits, pjs and socks in another smaller cube. Then toiletries in a makeup bag, each pair of shoes in their own cloth bag and finally miscellaneous in a final cube. Packing is way more efficient AND so is travel. If you need something just grab the cube. When you are packing up, toss everything back in its cube and you’re good to go. I also bring a separate cube for laundry. #Practical.


Toiletries + makeup. People ALWAYS ASK ME how the heck do you travel with only a carry on and still bring face cream, perfume, hair care, shampoo/conditioner?! It’s really simple. SAMPLES. Sephora is the queen of samples. They give out a ton in store AND online. My tip is to stock up by putting ALL your beauty samples in a bag under your sink or in your closet so when it comes time to packing, open the bag and choose whatever you want! Over the year mix things up. Don’t always ask for skincare or JUST makeup. Get a variety. Shampoo + conditioner packs are great. Even my mascara, liquid makeup, primers, beauty creams, highlighters, are samples when I travel. PLUS it’s actually so fun because this is when you can try all those beauty products you’ve been wondering about!!


HUGE. I saw the SPHYNX travel razor in Winners one day and knew I needed it. It’s water, soap and a razor ALL IN ONE. Carry on friendly. Forsure camping friendly too!! Look for things like this! My other favs, KISS faux mink lashes and imPRESS gel nails. You can do your GEL nails ON THE PLANE or in the car!! Throw these in your carry on and get going girl.

{I love wearing Whiskey Weekend as my travel outfit; trendy and comfy at the same time}


Think of yourself as a walking suitcase. Cute. No but actually, you can LITERALLY carry on a ton of stuff. Wear a tank top, long sleeve, sweater, jacket, your biggest boots, whatever else you can think of. As soon as you get onto the plane you can always take layers off! 


No one ever check personal items. So do yourself a favour and pick the biggest purse you own. DOUBLE YOUR CARRY ON SPACE. 


One. Not 9. You do NOT need 3 pairs of heels. YOU DON’T! 1 pair of black stiletto heels, 1 pair of runners, 1 pair of black jeans, 1 pair of leggings, 1 workout outfit, 3 blouses, 2 t shirts, 1 belt, 2 cardigans/sweaters (wear one on the plane), and 1 dress. Of course this can vary if you have two Christmas parties or something but truly you don’t need “options”. I used to be the “options” queen. That was a big waste of time, energy and strained arms pulling my luggage full of “options”.


GIFTS. I know, I’ve thought of this too. Try to pack small gifts. Fit bits, gift cards, whatever else. But a huge thing I do now is SHOP ONLINE. Send the gifts to wherever you’re staying OR directly to the person. Callia Flowers, Sephora and Sip & Savor are a couple of my main gift ideas this year. 




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xxoo Drea Marie

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