I usually post something like this closer to the big day, December 25th.

This year, when I sat down the plan our 12 days of giveaways, I purposefully scheduled this earlier on. The holidays can get overwhelming, hectic, exciting and stressful all at the same time. Then it’s over. Just like that.

It is SO important to take time for yourself during the holidays and actually ENJOY every single moment. Yeah I know, between baking, wrapping gifts, creating cocktails, basting a turkey, who has TIME for themselves?!?!

Well I’ve created some tips and tricks to make it a reality this holiday season. Since this post is coming earlier than usual, we have TONS of time to implement these tips so we can have the best holiday season yet.

+ Schedule yourself in. 

This sounds weird. You might also be thinking, HA.HA. Drea there is NO TIME. But yes, there is. I schedule my days down to the minute. Download the google calendar app and USE IT. I even schedule in ME TIME. Everything from workouts to blog planning to relaxation time. It FORCES me to take care of myself… sounds stupid? Maybe, but you’re also probably downloading google calendar at the same time aren’t you? You’re gunna love it.

+ Buy a candle and some aromatherapy bath bubbles

When you think “Ugh I really want to have a bath” but then it NEVER HAPPENS. Well usually it’s because the prep is a process. Cut the prep time and make it quick and easy. Buy a candle, epsom salts, aromatherapy bath bubbles and lavender oil. 

+ Actually use face masks.

How many of us love the buy face masks but then NEVER USE THEM. Maybe once a… year? I’ve been making a point of using my skincare products and it’s forcing me to actually relax, sip some tea, watch a tv show while my face mask does its thing. Actually SUCH a quick and easy way to take time for yourself during the holidays WHILE making your skin super hydrated and glowing! Win win!

+ Download the Tone It Up app

I LOVE this app. The workouts are SO QUICK and you’re sweating by the end AKA you’re actually working out. Download it onto your phone and when you have 20 minutes (SCHEDULE IT IN) just open the app and tap start workout. You’ll feel so much better by the end. Plus no driving, parking, changing at a gym. The workouts are usually body weight or require two dumbells (grab a couple 5, 8 or 10 lb dumb bells). The only other thing you need is a yoga mat or carpeted area!

Head over to my Instagram account to enter to win this LIMITED EDITION 


+ HONEY DROP light weight moisturizer 1.7 fl oz.
+ HONEY POTION renewing antioxidant mask 0.5 oz.
+ SLEEP TIGHT firming night balm 0.26 oz

every product you need this holiday season to keep your skin happy, healthy and GLOWING!!

xxoo Drea Marie

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