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Ugh I know. It’s chilly out there. Stay in bed, sip your warm cup of coffee and relax. You deserve it. While you do that.. why don’t I bring a little Sex and the City your way… {that’s right ladies}. This place is a jungle gym for sexy, confident, babes…. aka YOU. Cozy up, we’re heading to


Fabulous Guide to NYC for the Classy {& Sassy}:

***Attention: Dave Roi from New York City is looking for a Sara Foreman from Calgary, AB that he took a Ferry from Italy to Croatia with. If you’re Sara Foreman… Email me. Just tryin’ to connect lovers worldwide NBD***


Theater District

Both times that I travelled to New York City I stayed in the Theater District. Both times I have not been disappointed. You will be in the heart of the city and truly experience the NYC vibe. The Sofitel hotel is a gorgeous option that may run you a hefty bill but check for deals. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, beautiful stay then I would suggest here. On the other hand… My most recent trip was somewhat whirl wind. A couple days before arriving, I booked my hotel… :| Not typical of myself. ANYWAYS, I was lucky enough to score a hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn Central Park South. I am not kidding this hotel was insanely nice. The décor was well done and I had no complaints with the rooms at all. Great location as well.



If you’re looking for a trendy, unique area to stay then check out Williamsburg. Across the bridge and a bit north, Williamsburg is the hot spot for hip neighborhoods in the New York City area. Check airBnB. See what pops up! Who knows, maybe you’ll run into JayZ near the Barclays Center ;)


Century 21

NYC has some of the BEST shopping in the world. I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you cause that isn’t fun for anyone. Yes. As we covered on our previous trips, Nordstrom Rack, Saks OFF 5th, Neiman Marcus Last Call, etc. are all amazing options. But I was in retail heaven when I stepped into Century 21. I have never been in a discount designer store this big in my life. I bought the most amazing Zac Posen purse {similar design is featured below}. I checked out the Brooklyn location but I’m sure the others are just as amazing. Check it out.


Sample Sales

Sample. Sales.
Ladies this is where designers send their samples to sell for next to nothing prices. So a heads up, follow Racked NY on twitter or check their website relentlessly during your trip to hit up some sweet sales ;)


The Grey Dog Coffee in Nolita {$$}

Ha, got ya. Before we get to the boozy hot spots let’s talk coffee. Yes, caffeine. NECESSARY in New York City. Head down to Nolita and check out The Grey Dog Coffee shop for an awesome cup of heaven and grab some breakky while you’re at it. I mean a girls gotta fuel herself before a day of shopping for killer deals. It’s vital.



The Standard in West Village {$$$}

The Standard. A well-known NYC bar scattered with the hottest A-list celebs. Yeah, totally cool and all, BUT I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited purely based on the fact the Beyoncé/JayZ/Solange throw down went on in that VERY ELEVATOR. YEAH. I know. Anyways, the cocktails are amazing and the ambiance is inviting. Worth it.



PDT in East Village {$$$}

Please Don’t Tell.


Seriously though that’s the name of this unreal cocktail bar. Just based on the name I knew it would be one of my favourites. Not only does this spot have fantastic drink concoctions, getting in is half the fun…

Step 1: Call +1 212-614-0386 at 3pm the day of to book a reservation

Step 2: Tell your cabby to take you to Crif Dogs {Just trust me}. Enter.


Step 3: Step into the phone booth.

Step 4: Pick up the red phone. Dial whatever number it tells you to. Wait.


I’ll leave the rest for you to experience. Just remember… Please Don’t Tell ;)


The James Hotel rooftop bar in Soho {$$$}

If you’re looking for the best view of the New York City skyline check out the rooftop bar at The James Hotel. This bar has the most breath taking view and the drinks are exquisite. I highly recommend heading here even for just one drink and take in the view.



Carnegie Deli in Midtown ($)

Cheap. Must. Carnegie Deli is HUGE in NYC. You need to go just so you say you did. AND for the fact it may possibly be the biggest sandwich you will ever try. If you’re a vegetarian, move on. This is a carnivore’s paradise.



Paris Baguette in Midtown {$}


The one thing I needed to try this trip was a cronut. I have heard {and dreamt} of the crispy yet fluffy comforts of a warm fresh cronut. I was not about to wait outside in the harsh cold for hours on end {I mean, come on} SO I found some fresh cronuts {at noon} at Paris Baguette. I’m not even going to attempt to describe the affection my tastebuds had for this treat. You’re just gunna have to go and try it yourself.


**TIP: Share one**


Magnolia Bakery in West Village {$}

Where mah Sex and the City ladies at?! You girls must know Magnolia Bakery. I don’t need to explain this famous pastry shop. Maybe buy a cupcake or save the calories for a cronut but you’ll want to explore West Village anyways so check it out.



Balthazar in SoHo {$$$$}

Friday. Noon. Halloween DAY… Mid-costume hunt in SoHo and we decide on Balthazar. This restaurant has been on my hit list and I was finally able to try it. The décor is unreal. We waited an hour for a table but it was well worth it. Deciding to start the Halloween festivities with a bottle of Champagne with lunch was the icing on top. Make sure you eat at this renowned restaurant.



Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian in Midtown {$}


Best burger in New York City. This gem is hidden away inside Le Parker Meridian Hotel in Midtown. Go in, follow the neon burger sign and order. They ONLY serve hamburger or cheeseburger {or vegetarian… grilled cheese}. I mean why complicate something that’s already perfect?


Freemans in Nolita {$$$}


NYC is all about the hidden restaurants and bars. Good luck ever finding that clutch you forgot after one too many margaritas in that “hidden bar” while out in NYC. NYC is riddled with them. Freemans is a hidden restaurant that many of the locals have tried to keep under wraps, and I don’t blame them. The ambiance is relaxing and warm. The food is top notch and the service impeccable. Order a bottle of vino, some appies and stay for as long as you can.


La Esquina in Nolita {$}

This wouldn’t be a Drea Marie post without a little fiesta. Mexican food at it’s finest people. Right in Nolita. It is a take out spot that serves only the best. You can ALSO make a reservation {3 weeks in advance…} and head downstairs…. Warning, A list celebs WILL be studded throughout the place so wear your sauciest pair of heels and order that margarita ;)



Blue Fin in Times Square {$$$}

Sushi sushi sushi.
One of the best sushi restaurants I’ve been to. The décor is out of this world and so is the food. It’s right on Times Square making it the perfect restaurant prior to a broadway show. I highly recommend it.



Beauty and Essex in Lower East Side {$$$}

Best for last people. Ladies, grab your girlfriends, a super cute outfit and your highest heels. This is the trendiest hidden bar I’ve been to. The décor is chic and enticing. The food is portioned to share {#ThingsGirlsLove} and the drinks are spectacular. Go and enjoy yourself. That’s what girls were made to do.




Three trendy, hip and stylish neighborhoods in NYC. They have a ton of unique boutiques and coffee shops to check out. This area is one of my favorite places to visit while in New York City. I always have a great time walking around exploring this area.


Upright Citizens Brigade {3 locations}

Ever wonder where the men and women featured on SNL first started? Well, most likely at Upright Citizens Brigade. They have amazing comedy pretty much every night. If you’re looking for some inexpensive laughs definitely head over and check it out.



West Village Halloween Parade

I was fortunate enough this year to experience the West Village Parade on Halloween. West Village is probably my favorite neighborhood to explore in New York City. Magnolia Bakery, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alice and Olivia, Theory, DVF, the list goes on and on. Anyways, on top of all this, on Halloween people that are dressed up in costumes participate in a parade running throughout the neighborhood. It’s a pretty massive event and a ton of fun. I had an hour to find a costume while waiting for my table at Balthazar so naturally I grabbed the little boys police costume paired with my black BCBG power skirt {so original}. Enjoy ;)





The Highline in Chelsea

Lastly, my favorite area to explore. The Highline. Grab an Americano Misto, extra hot, escape from the fast paced New York City hustle bustle and take a stroll on the highline.


Today’s trip was a lengthy one. My apologies. Comment below if you have any questions regarding outfit details, restaurants etc. I hope all you sexy kittens bookmark this post for when you plan your next NYC visit. :)


xxoo Drea Marie

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