BEST LIP LINERS + tips and tricks

Drea Marie shares her go to lip liners and makeup tips and tricks. She also shares how to keep your lipstick lasting all day.

Not just for your momma anymore.

I used to think lip liners were a thing of the past. Until the big lip trend came around and all of a sudden EVERYONE had plump lips. I’m thinking okay so MAYYYBE half of those are injections but what is the secret… lip liners.

From beauty bloggers to pinterest I was seeing lip liners. 

In one of my middle of the night, pinterest fueled hazes I added a ‘Kim Kardashian Favourite Lip Liner Drug Store Dupe’ to my wish list.

The next day I went and got it. 


I was living for that lip liner. 

My lips looked amazing AND I realized the benefit when it came to RUNNING LIPSTICK. Liners actually do keep your lip makeup in check.

Fast forward to today. I now have the original MAC Cosmetic lip liner that Kim swears by, along with a bunch others. I’m going to be sharing with my my FAVS and also tips + tricks I’ve learned along the way.


Drea Marie shares her go to lip liners and makeup tips and tricks. She also shares how to keep your lipstick lasting all day.


THE BEST OF THE BEST drugstore dupes:

+ Marcelle lip liner in NUDE. Waterproof and the perfect balance of blush and nude.

+ Revlon Colorstay liner in NUDE. More nude than blush for this one.

+ Beauty For Real natural universal lip liner. One liner, one color. They created this liner to go with virtually any lipstick. Great one to keep in your purse.


High End… but worth it:

+ MAC cremestick liner in BEURRE. One of my all time go to liners. It goes with EVERYTHING. Plus it’s one of the Kardashian favs. So I’ve been searching for a link and you guys… I can’t find one! Do they not make cremestick anymore?! Someone please comment below and help us out. ugggghhhhhhhhh. Maybe this is the alternative now?

+ MAC lip pencil in NAKED. What is with MAC getting rid of liners? Can’t find a link for NAKED. But they do have 35 shades. LOVE this one for contouring. It’s a bit lighter and the very subtle contrast with a lipstick looks amazing. 

+ Kylie Cosmetics liners. Kylie, props to you on the liners. Honestly, they go on SO smooth and I must say, stay for DAYS. One of the best liners I own. I have it in Candy K but obvi use it with other lipsticks as well. 



+ Get a neutral pink/nude liner and always keep it in your bag. It will go with almost every lipstick in a pinch.

+ When you need to keep your lips in check, LINE your ENTIRE lip. So use the lip liner all over your lips and THEN apply your lipstick. It’ll stay alllllll day.

+ If you have a really dark lipstick and are worried of it running or bleeding, put it on, then put kleenex over top your lipsticked lips and dust lightly with translucent face powder. Remove the kleenex and you’re good to go.


xxoo Drea Marie


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