Who’s getting married this year?

Now is about the time you’re thinking about pre-wedding beauty treatments, how your day of makeup will look and also how to NOT have a major stress breakout for your big day (all while stressing about it, the irony).

Today I’m sharing EVERYTHING I did before my wedding in regards to beauty. You know I never turn down trying out a new beauty treatment for you all and giving my honest thoughts on them. Well these are the treatments I did leading up to my big day and they totally worked for me.

So I was breaking out. Like having those small white bump breakouts that are THE MOST ANNOYING. My friend suggested Rodan + Fields. Now I am the most opposed to MLM (multi level marketing) companies, I feel like I’m getting pulled into some sort of pyramid scheme (which you probably are). HOWEVER, I was desperate and also had heard from other friends (not Rodan + Fields sellers) that this skin care line actually does work and their products are legit.

I purchased the Unblemish line and added the hydration serum because the Unblemish line is hella drying especially if you live in Alberta like I do. Yes, I purchased it #NOTanAd. 

Well holy frickin moly. It took a while for my skin to get used to it, they call this “the purge phase”. Your skin literally cleanses and those pimples come to the surface, do their thing and leave. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence or if the Rodan + Fields products ACTUALLY changed my skin but my face was SO clear. The hydration serum is NECESSARY. This line can be drying and also you have to slowly work your way up to twice a day. Anyways, that’s what I did.

ahhh wedding morning!!

In addition, I also was doing laser genesis treatments maybe once a month or so leading up to my big day. If you missed my laser genesis blog post, basically it’s a laser that heats the lower levels of your skin, which decreases wrinkles/fine lines, eradicates breakouts, calms redness, helps with sun damage, brown spots and scarring. People call it the Hollywood facial because of the amount of celebs getting laser genesis about 2 weeks prior to red carpet events. SkinLab, where I go for all my treatments, preforms laser genesis but Sarah also suggests the Skin Purge treatment for acne prone skin at least 2 weeks before your wedding to make sure your skin has time to heal. I also am OBSESSED with her Skin Buff treatments. I saw her today for a buff and she totally agrees it’s the perfect treatment before your big day! It includes derma planing, a peel, intense moisturizer and a face sheet mask to give you that amazing bridal glow. PLUS your makeup looks insane after the skin buff because your skin is so smooth and hydrated.

I should add, you can also pick and choose what you want at Skin Lab like only dermaplaning etc. They have an amazing membership program I’ll link it here too which is helpful for when you want recurring appointments before the big day!

The last treatment I swear by before your wedding is the loschn treatment. This is totally different but works. I feel as though it helped with definition and tone, especially near my jaw line and under eyes. The treatment was designed by a physiotherapist who uses a medical grade steel tool to massage in strategic motions to define the muscles in your face. In fact, you can do this treatment on any area of the body. If you have a strapless gown I highly suggest getting your décolleté, arms and shoulders done!! To read all about their method in detail check it out here.

Bellamore did an incredible job on my bridal makeup, if you’re looking for a makeup artist I would definitely suggest booking Shanda and her crew! You can read more about them in my wedding post about all the vendors I used!

There are a few beauty products I swore by for bridal events (shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner). I’ve linked them below for your convenience. The Orgasm blush by NARS is a must and so is the White Russian lipgloss by Buxom. It has a subtle plumping effect too. I actually paired that gloss with Faux lipstick by MAC on my wedding day.

xxoo Drea Marie

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