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How was everyone’s week? I hope you all enjoyed Miami as much as I did. This week we’re heading somewhere a little {okay ALOT} different, but equally as exciting. Pack a couple sweaters this time cause we’re headed to



Ultra Chic Super Cool Guide to Montreal:

***Ability to speak French not required***


Fairmont Queen Elizabeth {$$$$}

Okay I know I know. The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth isn’t exactly the most affordable option. BUT, the location is everything. If you can find an appropriate rate that works for you I highly suggest booking this hotel. It is close to tons of restaurants, bars and shops. PLUS, the hotel literally sits on top of the train/subway station… There is elevator access from the hotel to the station. Using the public transit system in Montreal will connect you to anywhere you’d like to explore. AKA minimal walking outside {you’re welcome ladies}. The Fairmont also has BMW bikes {yeah girl} that we were able to use. Just call down to concierge and ask if they are available!! In addition, there is a direct shuttle from the airport to the Fairmont. Like hello! All the money you will save on transportation can slip right into that hotel budget ;)





Montreal shopping is awesome. They have tons of variety and great deals. Simons is one of their go to department stores downtown. It is a massive store with a ton of brands to shop from. Simons originated in Eastern Canada and recently opened a location in Edmonton at West Edmonton Mall. The service is always great and shipping is free! Check it out.

Also, Ogilvy Downtown is a high-end department store {comparative to Holt Renfrew} that you should browse if you get the chance :).



La Distillerie {$$$}

You. Must. Go.

Seriously the BEST bar for mixed drinks. La Distillerie is a hot spot for locals that specializes in mason jar drinks that will blow your mind. Order whichever creation sparks your interest by using the taste legend on their menu. I went for a lightly sweetened, tart combination {Yariba! Yariba!} with a hint of tequila {are you surprised?}. Get the large, it’ll run you a hefty $17, but these bartenders free pourGENEROUSLY {consider it a 4oz bevvy}. All in all, a great bang for your buck and the ambiance only adds to the whole experience. Don’t be surprised if the crowd asks how you found this hidden gem ;)



Peel Pub {$}

If you’re searching for an inexpensive sports bar in Downtown Montreal hit up Peel Pub. I was on the hunt to catch the Flames Vs. Canadiens hockey game and stumbled upon this spot. Cheap {light} beer and some good Canadian hockey are a couple features this pub definitely has.


Les 3 Brasseurs {$$}

The 3 Brewers Microbrewery. This bar creates their own beers ON-SITE at each location. These top notch brews are sent from their aging room straight to the taps and into your pint glass. I indulged in the “Blonde” brew {obviously}. It’s a light beer with a fruity essence that is sure to please.



Schwartz {$}

If you’re in Montreal, ya gotta visit Schwartz deli. Montreal is known for their smoked meat and this is the place to try it. After biking the streets of Montreal for a few hours, we decided to hit up Schwartz for lunch. The line up was out the door and then some. Being as impatient as I am, I was thrilled to see a take-out door. I ordered the large smoked meat plate with a side of coleslaw and ½ sour pickles. We headed down the street, found a bench in a park and set up shop. Obviously I shared the large plate, which was UN-Real. The plate came with fresh sliced bread, BUT learn from my mistake and grab some mustard before you leave ;)


Au Pain Doré {$}

Being as close to France as I could be, I decided to sample a few French pastries. There are numerous bakeries throughout Montreal but I randomly found this gem. Get a Croissant {chocolate, almond, whatever speaks to ya} but skip the Éclair. The danish’s also looked to die for. Because I’m such a great blogger, I thought for YOUR sake, I would also sample the lemon macaroon…. Pretty sure I died and went to heaven {briefly, relax}.



Fortune Dumpling {$}

After shopping for hours on end, a girls gotta eat. I was minutes away from tackling the lady enjoying her Starbucks sandwich next to me when I found Fortune Dumpling. Sure, why not. I mean a dumpling could be healthy…. Right? Regardless if you find dumplings healthy or not, you gotta try this place. We went back 2 days later. A small Chinese woman smiling ear-to-ear stands and rolls dumplings to order right infront of you. I swear she must be at it 24/7. Forget the personal chef, I want this lady. The dumplings were next level… AND NO MYSTERY MEAT!



Cartel {$/$$}

I luvvvv Mexican food. Not sure why, well it’s probably the margaritas, but I’m obsessed. Cartel street food bar is where it’s at. Make sure you head here on Taco Tuesday for $2 TACOS. Your order should include a margarita, the Baja Fish taco, Beef brisket taco and a Plantain with avocado taco to finish it off. Take my advice and skip the chicken taco, it was uninspired.



Be Bap {$$}

So there’s this not-so-secret, innovative, fantastic concept Montreal FULLY embraces…. BYOW {NO CORKAGE FEE}. Omgomgomgomg. I think I blacked out when I learned of it. Go grab your fav {inexpensive} bottle of vino, heck make it several bottles, and get to it. Be Bap was my first BYOB {no corkage} experience. I highly recommend this Korean spot. They specialize in ‘Hot Pots’ which are literally burning hot pots filled with veggies, your choice of meat, sauce and noodles or rice. Mix it all up and enjoy with your store bought vino being served AND chilled by your side.



Le Quartier general {$$$}

AGAIN. BYOW {NO CORKAGE}. This place is pricier, it’s one of Montreal’s hottest restaurants right now. Not only can you bring your own wine, but you can also add $12 onto the price of your main dish and spoil yourself with a 4 course meal. The food is incredible. I suggest ordering the duck {a total French thing to do} PLUS, it was perfection. Along with that I would suggest the mixed greens, lamb carpaccio and end the experience with the chocolate marquise. Bon Appétit ;)




 Parc du Mount Royal

Make sure you explore Parc du Mount Royal. The view from the top is breath taking. I mean… the hike to the top is more like a journey but it is honestly worth it. I would do it all over again, 100%. Grab some bikes and trek around Montreal exploring Old Port as well. Old Port has great cobblestone roads and intricate architecture that will hold your full attention for a few hours.


xxoo Drea Marie

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