Calgary Stampede Style

Calgary based lifestyle blogger Andrea Ewanishan shares the hottest calgary stampede style. Featuring her favourite wardrobe essentials.
Do you still have a Canadian flag temporary tattoo on your face? Ugh me too.
Kidding. But if you do, I am not surprised. You go girl.
MOOOOOO-ving on….. Stampede is next week!!! Yeeeeeeeehaw!
Ok but seriously let’s cut the Bull-s*$& and talk Calgary Stampede STYLE.
What is everyone going to wear?! We already know it’s absolutely necessary to plan a week in advance. Even more. I’m not kidding.
Cowgirl/stampede/ranch kinda theme is what’s up. Plaid, cowboy boots and a bandana are staples BUT maybe this year let’s drop the plaid and incorporate more of this years trends.
x Chokers
x Lace Up
x Fringe
Calgary Stampede Style
YYC Stampede Style // spark{le}


LOVING ALL OF IT. K the Givenchy leather cowboy booties…. PLEASE!!!
Love the lace up dress. you could pair it with that amazing embellished brown backpack. Ugh the options are endless. Also, I seriously would wear each of these items again.
x DON’T forget to mix in a hot bath!! You’ll be out all day and try to take some time to relax. #Important 
Check out How to Survive the Calgary Stampede for my top tips on absolutely LOVING stampede, and yes, surviving as well. 


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xxoo Drea Marie

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