How to Survive the Calgary Stampede

Hey cowgirl

I mean it seems kind of sudden…. but it’s STAMPEDE TIME

#OHEMGEE I know. Holy batman. I can’t believe it either.
Only yesterday was I wiping last years stampede dirt from my Steve Maddens.
Let’s get it going.

How to Survive the Calgary Stampede: 

  1. Drink H2O

    DRINK. EAT. You guyz it’s like +30 in #yyc. So make sure you hydrate and fuel up before a night of partying. That’s definitely my #1 trick. No one likes the drunk girl puking at 7pm.

  2. Get into Cowboys Tent Early {Unless you have a hookup}

    OMG it’s super annoying going to bars early… BUT I’m not kidding it’ll be like a 3 hr hold up at the watering hole if you take too long perfecting your contouring skills. So plan accordingly.

  3. Plaid, Fringe and Lace

    Okay so plaid, fringe and lace will always be the basic style for stampede. BUT don’t be typical. Jazz it up. Don’t just wear a fringe jacket, boots and jean shorts. Test it. The stampede goer’s will <3 it. Check out what kinda styles I threw together below.

  4. Stay Safe

    Cover your drinks. Girls {& boys} don’t be fooled. Not everone dressed in cowboy boots and plaid is a friend. Yeah that guy buying 20 drinks may look cute after a few but cover. your. drink. We don’t need any oopsy daisy’s or close calls either. Party safe and party right. Plus it’s always better when you remember the night ;)


stampede wardrobe


H M wrap dress
58 CAD –

Wilfred silk top
84 CAD –

Vince oversized shirt
80 CAD –

VILA crop tank top
29 CAD –

One teaspoon shorts
150 CAD –

Wilfred romper
80 CAD –

H M knee length skirt
49 CAD –

Laredo boots
150 CAD –

Combat boots
48 CAD –

ChloƩ brown leather purse
2,290 CAD –

Rebecca Minkoff mini purse
240 CAD –

Rebecca Minkoff leather fringe handbag
240 CAD –

Cowboy hat
200 CAD –


xxoo Drea Marie

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