Styling HIM: Advice from a male model {Joel Eden}

Good morning ladies AND gentlemen ;)

What’s better then a handsome, well put-together, confident man? Not much. That is why this week’s post is all about styling HIM. Yes. We’re talking MEN. Well dressed men. Now ladies we don’t need to get all sulky and girl crazy about being single so this post sucks. I’m talking about styling your brother, your dad, your cousin, your best friends husband, your nutty uncle, your post man, your hot Starbucks barista and YES your significant other as well.

Men, who better to give you fashion advice then another man? And girls who are STILL sulking, if I haven’t convinced you yet, atleast I got you some eye candy {I wouldn’t let you down ladies}.

We are so lucky to interview

Joel Eden

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.07.08 PM

our VERY OWN male model/mens fashion guru.

Enjoy lovers ;)

Boy Talk with Joel Eden:

SO, Joel, tell us a little about yourself:

I’m a proud Edmontonian, born and raised. I have a hockey background and attended school for business. I’ve been working in Edmonton’s top Custom Suit Tailor for the past 2 years and involved in men’s fashion for 4 years. Also, I’ve really started getting involved in Western Canada Fashion Week for the past 2 years. Definitely love sports, suits, business and dogs. I appreciate a nice Old Fashioned from time to time and nothing beats a campfire with friends. Lastly, watch out for me in the future! I hope to change the world, one suit at a time.
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Let’s get into it. What kind of trends are we seeing Men’s Winter 2014?

For some reason, oversized coats. So that topcoat your Granddad handed down to you and you never had it tailored? It’s in. {Personally though, I’d like to add, I still favor something that fits and I will ALWAYS recommend getting whatever you have tailored.}

To take positives from coat trends though, we are seeing a lot of texture, mixture of textures, and interesting fabric use. I personally love thick, textured grey wools and also cashmere even in colours such as burgundy, green, or deep royal blue. Nonetheless, I was pretty excited to see a trend that could apply to us here in cold climates! And sorry Gentlemen, that standard Pea Coat from American Eagle just won’t cut it.


This is an example of the “oversized” coat look, which is in trend, by Louis Vuitton Winter 2014. It mixes texture, pattern, and a large, semi-unfitted silhouette.










Next shown, I’m warming up to. This is fur done by Salvatore Ferragamo. Again, perhaps a little fashion forward for purposeful use here in Alberta, but I like the classic feel fur brings. This is mixed with new styling and silhouette trends.









Perhaps my favorite route, a blend of subtle and elegant with just a touch of personality via fur collar. In this Canali coat, you see a timeless body design, with that pop of “Yeah, I’ve got the balls to wear fur.” {But can still love animals, right?}










Ok, my guilty pleasure. Bold colour, bold fur, and sleek cut. Burberry is on fire as far as I’m concerned. This coat gets noticed.






Okay so what exactly makes a guy “stylish“?:

His attitude and his confidence.

Now of course not taken for granted well put-together clothing, but a man who can combine that dapper wardrobe with a gentleman’s grace? He’s got it figured out.

How do we make our guys “well put-together” {sans runway}?:

This is the endless quest is it not? I think number one is try making fashion simple for him. To be honest, most guys are not going to follow runway shows, new designer lines, or ever-changing trends. They need some simple concrete guidelines and they can build from there. Fashion doesn’t have to be a foreign language that only your girlfriend or metro cousin can understand.

Perfect Xmas gift. Name it:

God, I could go on here… But to simplify, I’ve got three suggestions, one for every budget:

Small budget:Gentleman” by Bernhard Roetzel. It’s the guys’ ultimate reference when it comes to putting yourself together. {By the way, yes. Real men still read books.}

Mid budget: Get him something personalized! Cuff links with his initials, a quality pen engraved with his birthdate, maybe a wallet made from scratch by a leather smith! These ideas beef up his accessory inventory, and REALLY show the effort you put in to it.

Large Budget: Get that man a date with a Tailor. Specifically a custom made suit or custom shirt. Costs are up there {$200-400 for Shirts, and $1900-3000 for quality suits}, but these items are quintessential items in a Man’s wardrobe. Looking to spoil him? Why not get him the best…

If there is one thing every girl should know about mens fashion what would that be?:

It evolves at a relatively slow pace. Now that may seem obvious, but I believe it speaks to our simplicity and fortitude.

Also, quality over quantity! That’s huge. Girls have overflowing closets, and update their wardrobes quite often. Men don’t share that need, and can get by exceptionally with just a few staple items.

What’s the biggest mistake men make when styling themselves?:

Not putting enough effort into it!

It doesn’t take long to learn a few things… And I’m a huge advocate of “You are at all times representing your own brand, what is that brand going to be?” {Hello… The answer is: the best}

What have you learned from doing all of your ultra-fab fashion shows?

Haha if that’s what you can call them?! Hopefully not too cliché an answer, but you really learn a lot about yourself when you leave your comfort zone. That’s sure what I did, and I know it pays off in many ways.

Also, don’t fall.

Any other comments/questions/ suggestions?

Thank you so much for including me!

I’m all about educating and empowering guys when it comes to fashion, and making it make sense. I like your concept, and if through the women-focused blog your readers can help the guys in their lives, I’m thrilled. Is this a re-occurring contribution of “Spark{ed}” for your boyfriends?? Hmmmm haha.

We shall see! Lastly, what is {the spark} in your day you just can’t live without?:

Two things:

My morning coffee with coconut oil and unpasteurized honey, and

A positive self pre-game to envision a successful day! {Sound cheesy fellas? Just try it and see your results}


xxoo Drea Marie

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