You know what sucks? When the holidays are over and you don’t really have an excuse anymore to eat every chocolate covered item in sight. Or an excuse not to workout but it’s still -100 outside, so you don’t feel like doing anything. I am right there with you. I saw this meme the other day and it really spoke to me. AMIRIGHT?! So let’s do this together. I have some easy tips that will get us motivated and back on track. Summer 18 here we come. 1 FIND A FRIEND. SERIOUSLY. This is probably the most important step. Find someone to sign up for classes together this will make you feel obligated to actually attend the gym or exercise class.  If everyone is busy […]

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My Obsession with Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Drea is LOVING her Girlfriend Collective leggings.... and they are FREE. For now... Just pay for shipping. So get them NOW!!!

A couple months ago I saw a post on Facebook for FREE leggings. Obvi I clicked on it and it’s a new company for workout leggings. Not just any workout leggings though, this companies design team is STACKED. From the lead Lululemon Lab designer to a software development manager for Amazon, this team knows what is UP. Especially when it comes to fit, function and design.  Instead of the budgeted money for advertising and marketing, Girlfriend Collective is giving out FREE leggings to create buzz. All you have to do is pay for shipping ($30 for the Canadian girls #worthittho). These leggings will go for around $100 retail and, I’m sorry but, have you ever worn lululemon leggings? Miracle workers. I knew this team of designers and business men/women would make an […]

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Why You Need a Withings Activité Watch, Like Now.

I’m loving tech lately.  Like LOVING. Have you heard about Withings? Being the health conscious person I am, of course I want to share how it’s TOTALLY inspired me to get back on track.  I’ve tried fad diets, GUILTY. Haven’t we all? Maybe not. But I swear to goodness the only thing that works is eating healthy the majority of time. Diets don’t totally work. It’s a LIFESTYLE.  Post summer is always when I need inspiration to get back to the devoted healthy lifestyle I truly love. Sound familiar?  I’ve found that inspiration through Withings.   So a few months ago I purchased the Withings Body Scale. It syncs with your phone, you input your goals etc, and then weigh yourself. It took me a […]

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Healthy Vegan Dressing Recipes x TNP Fitness

Drea Marie shares two healthy vegan dressings from Kaylor Betts of TNP Fitness.

Hello hello hellooooo I have an exciting post for you guys today. Super quick SUPER HEALTHY VEGAN DRESSING RECIPES from SCRATCH. Who doesn’t love a fresh, crisp, flavorful, FILLING salad on a hot summer day? Cheers of excitement!! wooooooOOOOO! No more Kraft or searching for something, ANYTHING, other then boring balsamic and olive oil.  Everyone say THANK YOU to Kaylor from TNP Fitness. If you don’t know Kaylor, he’s a bad ass personal trainer in Edmonton who started up his own personal training business AKA TNP Fitness. It’s pretty amazing. They run killer HIIT classes. Don’t miss my Girl Talk with him here.   NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. Kaylor swears by these and uhmmm obvi I agree too. Green Caeser is our favvvvv.       […]

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