READ IT IN 3 minutesSo August 1st hey? Ugh, but it’s okay we have lots of summer left. Why don’t we kick of this month with my FAV summer beers.  If you’re not a huge beer drinker, this post is for you. We love a crisp glass of rosΓ©, bubbly or vino but sometimes an ice cold refreshing beer is what we need while boating, floating the river or lounging on a rooftop.  We also want to ENJOY a beer, not just tolerate it.  These summer beers are extremely flavourful. Think white peach, coriander and passionfruit, grapefruit, cinnamon horchata and berries. FUN RIGHT?!     x BUD LIGHT RADLER This is perfect because it is stocked at pretty much every liquor store, making it easy to pick up when […]

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READ IT IN 1 minuteSo I have this recipe that I make and it’s such a hit. Oh and it’s hella easy and insanely quick. It’s also one of those ‘shoot, what am I going to serve with this main?!’ solutions. PORTOBELLO PIZZAS It’s the PERFECT side to a protein dish, or you can seriously eat it as a vegan meal alongside a hearty salad. YUM. I’m not saying I INVENTED the portobello pizza recipe but if you haven’t heard of them, I’m here to let you in on the secret. Alright let’s get at it.  xxoo Drea Marie  

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I Am SO Over Grocery Shopping. Hello Chefs Plate.

Drea Marie is SO OVER grocery shopping. So she found Chefs Plate, a grocery/recipe delivery service in Calgary, AB. CHECK IT OUT.

READ IT IN 2 minutesBut seriously. SO OVER IT. Not to mention the lines at Costco. On a Sunday. *eyeroll* So I started searching for anyway to avoid it and came across Chefs Plate. I had never had a meal delivery service before but loved the idea of Chefs Plate. They deliver recipes and ALL the groceries that go along with those recipes right to your door. PLUS it’s not just in Calgary… they deliver to Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, & Manitoba and they are expanding quickly. So you still cook it AKA it’s fresh for whichever day you want to make it but the prep is cut in half. Maybe even more than half.  NOT TO MENTION the number of times I’ve forgotten something I’ve needed for a recipe and sat on my […]

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Green St. Patrick’s Day Drink Recipe.. WITH WINE.

Drea is sharing a green St. Patrick's Day drink recipe... WITH WINE. For those of us who don't drink Guinness and love Pinot.

READ IT IN 1 minuteI found this St. Patrick’s Day drink recipe and HAD TO SHARE. It’s so girlie and fun. Plus it has no Guinness… for those of us who don’t drink Guinnes and love Pinot.  First, who knew Drew Barrymore made wine? Not me. But now I need to try it. She “fell in love with wine by drinking it with [her] girlfriends on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings”….. UM YES. “My girlfriends and I like chilled, easy-drinking wine that you can have one to two or two to three glasses of, and it’s not so heavy.”  – Wine Enthusiast Like this is right up our alley. OKAY enough chit chat onto the drink. THANK GOODNESS FOR COSMO. Always giving me the best info. I saw this Emerald […]

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