I’m not even going to pretend I’m handy.

When it comes to remodelling the bathroom or adding a simple backsplash, I kind of run and hide.

Because a) I procrastinate and b) it sounds hard.

Well I found a life hack that my fellow non-handy friends will loooooove.

I kept going to Homesense and searching for the perfect piece of wall art to add to our living room, but it had to be really big since our wall was completely bare. 

The pieces of art at Homesense were ginormous AKA difficult to get home AND it’s pretty hit or miss so the time spent wandering was more then it should have been…

Thankfully, I found this company online called Photo Wall. They don’t only have canvas prints but also wall murals! I LOVE a cool wall mural. That will probably be my next pick. 

Anyways, you can sit on the couch and browse HUNDREDS of prints while making the most of your time SOO no driving and wandering in a store aimlessly.

I finally found the one I wanted… this one. I love a good black and white piece.

The best part of this DIY revamp is that you scale the photo online to fit your area perfectly, add it to your cart and purchase. They do all the hard work! I picked the do it yourself frame instead of just a canvas roll.

In a couple days this skinny, long box appeared at the door. Once I opened the box, there were 4 pieces of wood, the canvas in a roll, some hardware pieces and instructions.

Once I realized what I was doing, I laid out the canvas, situated the wooden frame pieces as instructed and in a few minutes my giant, beautiful, canvas piece was DONE!

I DID IT!!!!

I’m not going to be busting into the home renovation blogger world anytime soon but for all my readers that can empathize with me…. this is amazing. 

I reached out to Photo Wall and they are generously giving ALL of my followers 20% off until April 30th!! SO GET BROWSING.

The code is: DreaMarieCampaign2018  

x does anyone feel me? would you do a canvas print or wall mural?!

xxoo Drea Marie

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