Surviving the Holidays {& staying sexy}

Tis the season to be…


Yeah, that’s right.

Christmas parties and family gatherings bring fun, food and photos. The latter two are typically what we have a love/hate relationship with.
Once again, I got your back girl. Not only am I sharing the best secrets to staying slim through the holidays but ALSO holiday beauty tips that will leave you glowing at all those fabulous holiday gatherings this season.

Relax, take notes and prepare yourself to sparkle this Christmas season.

Secrets to staying slim {& happy}

If you only remember one thing from today’s post, remember the word balance. Apply these slim secrets and balance them with your favourite holiday treats to stay slim and sane throughout the holidays.

  1. Water, water, water!

    Possibly one of the MAIN ways to cut calories and avoid all the Christmas treats is to always, always, always fill up on water. Keep a glass near by and chug a cup prior to each feast. Also mix in a few waters at parties to reduce the likelihood of you binging on desserts after a couple glasses of Christmas Punch.

  2. Choose the small plate. Go for carb-less & Fill up on the greens

    VERY IMPORTANT. You can always go back for seconds with a small plate but don’t fill up the large plate just because you think you can. The small plate tricks your eyes into thinking you’re eating tons when really you’re eating a perfect amount. Also, fill up on all the veggies first. Then heap on the protein and cruise by those carb-y dishes like mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, bread that aren’t part of your 3 favs {read below}.

  3. Treat yo self with your favs.

    Probably even MORE important then the last secret. You MUST pick your top 3 favs and treat yourself. If you are obsessed with Grandma’s Homemade Christmas Yule Log each year, EAT IT. If you could probably do without the mashed potatoes but are having anxiety about letting go of Baba’s cabbage rolls, don’t let go. Treat yourself! It’s Christmas! Eat those Chistmas cookies Mom is famous for, just don’t eat the whole dozen.

  4. Try and stay active.

    Play outside, shovel, skate, snowboard, walk, dance, toboggan, make snow angels. You get the idea. Get out and be active. Don’t kick yourself because you missed the gym due to Christmas activities. Just get out and do something somewhat active. Enjoy your time off and don’t stress. Or you WILL end up finishing that Christmas Punch and binging on chocolates at the kids table. Trust me.



Holiday Beauty Tips

Now it’s time to talk makeup. I LOVE makeup and I’m always discovering new products and tricks. Below I am featuring my own personal holiday makeup team. These products will help me {and now you} sparkle throughout the Christmas season.

First. Let’s get naked. With Frank.

You read that right. Frank is my bae. Frank livens me up. Frank make me feel like those VS models we all drooled over a few days ago.  Frank is a coffee scrub. Not just any coffee scrub. The BEST coffee scrub.
Frank helps to stimulate circulation, decrease cellulite {another reason we love caffeine}, reduce the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks, buff off dead skin cells and OFCOURSE leave your skin extremely soft and glowing. Now don’t be shy, Frank’s rough and dirty but will leave you feeling like a million bucks ;)


Frank Body Scrub


After the scrub, apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to just about anywhere on your body. Wearing a strapless top/dress? Lather up your chest and arms. Short skirt? Get those legs done girl. Forget the cancer causing tanning bed and if you haven’t had time to get a Mystic Tan don’t worry, this stuff works like a charm.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Now. This is my biggest secret. I use this M.A.C cream base in ‘Pearl’ all year round but ESPECIALLY during the Christmas season. Apply just a touch to the bridge of your nose {to slim it out} and to the top of your upper lip to create the illusion of larger, fuller lips. Voila. Instant plastic surgery without the cost OR pain.


M.A.C frost


And of course, the rest of the team. Each and every product featured below is part of my DAILY beauty routine.

  • Watts Up is an alternate to the M.A.C pearl product if you aren’t able to track it down.
  • The NARS Eye Shadow stick in ‘Empire’ has changed my life when it comes to a smokey look. I draw a thick line along each upper lid, and SMUDGE. Finish off with a thick black liquid liner and you’re set.
  • Make Up Forever Concealer is seriously industrial strength coverup. It will cover anything and everything. I don’t wear foundation so this stuff hides any imperfections.
  • Sephora Los Cabos bronzer is the best affordable matte bronzer I’ve tried. Don’t use shimmer when contouring your face. Another reason this matte colour is perfect.
  • Lip Fusion in ‘Berry’ is my go-to for a red lip {especially over Christmas}. It’s the most perfect red and SO EASY. I don’t have to stay married to a red lip all night long and don’t look like The Joker when midnight hits.
  • Cinnamon Buns by Philosophy is a must have body wash, shampoo & bubble bath during the Christmas season. It starts your day with that warm, rich scent of happiness.
  • Lastly, the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay keeps my masterpiece in perfect condition all night long. No running eye makeup or smudgy lipstick for this girl.

Enjoy girlies.
If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to comment below. *muah*

Holiday Beauty Secrets


Rosebud Perfume Co lip treatment
6.87 CAD –

Urban Decay beauty product
34 CAD –

Philosophy beauty product
19 CAD –

Giorgio Armani volumizing mascara
37 CAD –

MAKE UP FOR EVER waterproof concealer
37 CAD –

Benefit face powder
34 CAD –

NARS Cosmetics eye pencil makeup
30 CAD –

Sephora Collection cheek bronzer
19 CAD –



xxoo Drea Marie

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