Shorts and Skirts and Skorts Oh My!

So it’s Summer. Finaaaaallllyyyy. One thing is for damn sure, the hem lines are getting higher as well as the temp. A couple of you have had some questions about this…. What do I wear on my feet.
I mean it may seem silly but you can’t pretend you’ve never asked that question… and 9 times out of 10, it’s happened with a shorts/skirt/skort/dress combo.
SO, as your fashion-fairy godmother, I’m here to give you some summer style secrets that you can use the next time you ask yourself this not-so-silly question.

How To: Wear Shorts and Skirts

***Think long and lean ladies**

  • Sandals for Day

The thing about high hemlines is that it can cut the leg off and unless you have super long lean legs it can make your legs appear shorter and wider then they actually are. This is why shorts and skirts can be difficult to pair shoes with, especially when you don’t want to wear heels. Sandals are the go during the day. Simple sandals that do not cut off at the ankle. Try adding some fun sandals with studs or some sparkle for a trendy twist on boring flip flops. Nude is a great choice especially for more complex sandals, it tricks the eye and doesn’t cut off at the ankle.

  • Heels for Night

To get those killer long, lean legs high heels are the best option. Unfortunately, those super stylish ankle strap high heels are in, but unless you have legs that rival Giselle Bundchen’s the flattering choice is not those. Preferably nude, pointed toed pumps with sleek, thin heels are what will give you that long lean leg effect even if you challenge 5’1″ on a daily basis like myself.

Below are some flattering options to wear this summer with those super cute shorts, skirts and skorts.



Ankle wrap sandals
245 CAD –

Steve Madden heeled sandals
135 CAD –

Steve Madden nude heel shoes
110 CAD –

Steve Madden embellished sandals
165 CAD –

Steve Madden sandals
87 CAD –

Steve Madden ankle strap flat sandals
130 CAD –

Steve Madden flat strap sandals
125 CAD –

Steve madden footwear
62 CAD –

Topshop lace up shoes
75 CAD –

ASOS black pointed pumps
73 CAD –

xxoo Drea Marie

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