Easter Decor, Style & COOKIES!!

easter decor1

I know, so lame. Whatever.

OMG so hello what are you doing for Easter?! 

Church? Brunch with the in-laws? …. are you hosting?

Girl don’t fret I’m here.

Let’s pour a couple mimosa’s and get down to the nitty gritty. We’ve got t-minus 24 hours. Plenty of time to figure out what we are going to:

a) bring
b) decorate with
c) wear



Uhhmagawwd I made these incredible birthday cake cookies this week and then it hit me… TOTAL EASTER-Y COLORS. What a saving grace.

Go to my Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipeand substitute the chocolate chips with 1/2 rainbow sprinkles and 1 cup white chocolate chips… bake about 13 minutes.

Bring THESE instead of the typical last minute sack of Mini-Eggs {keep those for us later}.


easter decor  


Next, DECOR!
I LOVE ALL OF THESE THINGS. K that gold bowl… it’s perfect for all year round. And that marble egg is so cute.
PS Fresh tulips are a must.


Easter Decor
Lastly..Most importantly, style!!
I found so many soft, delicate pastels mixed with feminine fabrics while still being completely on par with this years trends. Bucket bags are huge btw. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but NEWS ALERT BUCKET BAGS ARE IN. Add a delicate necklace or choker to polish it off.
Easter Outfit
Alright you’re set love. Now make sure to eat an obnoxious amount of chocolate like I will be doing so we can vent together about it later. Have fun!!

xxoo Drea Marie

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