Welcome to Montebello, QC

Hey love.

I think it’s time you had a little getaway. So guess where we are going today?

Montebello, QC


A small, gorgeous, quaint village tucked away in rural QC.

The weather is changing, leaves are turning and I’m aching… for some RnR away from it all.
Sound familiar? Mhmmm. Okay so the remedy is Montebello, QC. This one time I was able to visit and it was perfect.
So pack your cashmere sweater, fur vest, comfy silk joggers and Artizia tuque.

When I say village, I quite literally mean a small village….
Wikipedia { lifesaver } told me that in 2011 the population totalled a whopping 978 residents.

These 978 residents live in the most beautiful rural Quebec area.

The trees, the river and the rolling hills create a calm, zen feeling that no holistic lavender oil can compare to.

Not to mention Montebello is also world famous.
Yeah. I know right?

They have the largest log structure EVER built…

The Fairmont Château Montebello.

Yeah, my favorite F word.


The Fairmont Château Montebello

If you’re going to Montebello, you’re staying at the Château Montebello. In my opinion, ofcourse. As mentioned before, it is the largest log structure EVER built. The resort opened July 1, 1930 after being constructed in only FOUR MONTHS by an army of 3500 laborers. The log cabin houses 211 guest rooms including 14 suites divided into 4 wings which meet in the circular lobby where the largest, most gorgeous hexagonal, six-sided stone fireplace soars over 20 metres to the roof. There are additional dining and business areas, including a ball room.

montebello2{ The Fairmont’s classy entrance }

{ The George W. Bush suite }

montebello21{ Stud }

montebello3{ Captivating hexagonal fireplace }



montebello4{ The dining room }



{ Scarf: Zara // Blouse: Rag & Bone // Tank top: Artizia // Joggers: David Lerner // Shoes: Steve Madden }


I could go on and on about the largest indoor hotel pool in Canada, the 18-hole gold course & 26 km of trails. The Fairmont has an array of activities on-site which include: off-roading in a Land Rover, guided ATV rides, a lovely fall walk or bike ride on their 5km path which wraps around the property, mini-golf, outdoor + indoor tennis & a luxurious spa to soak up all the relaxation you can. Whatever you want, just ask, the concierge and hospitality is absolutely top notch.

montebello10{ Gorgey indoor pool }

montebello9{ Curling Rink, just cause }

montebello11{ Morning coffee }



I mean if ALL else fails, you can hangout with me by the massive fireplace and sip Baileys with hot cocoa while snuggling Monte, the Château’s insanely cute Golden Retriever { yeah, so you get the WHOLE cabin experience #EddieBauerLife }.


{ Monte’s Private Suite }


Les Brasseurs de Montebello

Hidden away in the village of Montebello is a microbrewery called ‘’Les Brasseurs de Montebello’. If you are looking for a local drink this is the spot. Maybe you wanna try Choco-Bello, the brown chocolate concoction to spark your taste buds or sip on the smooth blonde honey Queen of Mount Vinoy.



{ Wine by the Fairmont Château Montebello’s Fireplace }


Fromagerie Montebello // Cheese Museum

Okay so this Cheese Museum makes fresh cheese curds daily. If you haven’t heard, Quebec’s cheese is unlike any other. They pride themselves on creating the best cheese and it definitely lives up to the hype. A must see.

Café du Bistrot

Next up, dinner. About a 15 min drive north of Montebello is this small, unREAL Café. You HAVE to check it out. The pizza crust is unlike anything else. Not sure what secret recipe is going on there but combined with the famous Quebec cheese it is some kinda masterpiece. Their pizza’s are what they are known for but I’m sure every dish is just as phenomenal.

La Chocomotive // Chocolate Museum

Lastly, dessert. Montebello has a chocolate museum. YES, a CHOCOLATE MUSEUM. I mean pretty freakin’ amazing. Pop in and make sure you try the hot chocolate.


{ Amazing Fairmont treats }


Parc Oméga // North American Zoo

OMG this might be my fav attraction. Parc Oméga is a wildlife animal park kinda like a zoo, but with only our great North American animals. It’s located about 10 minutes north of Montebello and can make for a great outing.

Le Parc National de Plaisance

Alberta has it’s Banff/Rockies but Montebello has Le Parc National de Plaisance. It’s a national park that is a quick 10-15 min drive from the Château Montebello. You will find hiking trails, waterfalls, etc to take totally cute photos and explore before heading back to the Château for a snuggle with Monte and a glass of vino by the fire.



{ Exploring the Fairmont Château Montebello grounds // Top: Central Park West }


Now, time for us to unplug and cozy up with wine & maple macaroons.




xxoo Drea Marie

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