New Year New You

It’s New Year Resolutions Time!!!

Yeah I know, all that New Year New You BS is breaking the internet right now but I decided this year I would actually JOIN IN…
I know, maybe I’ve lost my mind.
OR MAYBE it’s fun and something to keep you accountable.
Anyways, this year I’ll find out and let you know.

Welcome to my New Year Resolutions

With this post I hope to inspire you…. and ultimately inspire myself, duh right? {LOL}


[1] More blogging.

Numero uno, more blogging cause I love it and it’s the best creative {only creative…} outlet I have. Also, I’m dying over that gold Mac Air.

[2] More photography.

Honestly the best investment ever was purchasing a real, non-iPhone camera.. my Sony a5000. It might look old school but the photos are insane. Plus, with all the cool photo editing apps and functions now, who wouldn’t want to snap everything + anything?

[3] More yoga + health & wellness

As you all know, health plays a major part in my life. It’s a continuum. Some days are better then others but my main focus is staying optimistic. In 2016 I want to continue with yoga and increase how much I’m able to tolerate.

[4] Read a book.

Truth bomb… I don’t read books. I read articles online, magazines etc. but I never truly unplug and relax with a real book. My friend leant me ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’ for 2016 and Raquelle I SWEAR I’ll read it… I mean it’s on my resolution list so I have to.


NO MORE JUNK. Well not totally. Like I said, health is a continuum. I believe in balance, not extremes, and completely abandoning pizza is extreme. But seriously, less artificially sugared drinks, processed foods and gluten overloaded sugar bombs.

[6] Wake up and be awesome. AKA be a girlboss. Oh and also literally read the book #GIRLBOSS.

The mind is incredibly powerful. Choosing to be happy, optimistic and awesome is my 2016 mantra. Mind > matter people. If you can think it, you can do it. Your biggest hurdle in life is your self.

[7] Eat, drink and be cozy with my people.

Going out has it’s place but so does being cozy. Sometimes you’re tired and guess what, if you want to stay in, STAY IN. Invite your people over and relax. Stop saying yes when you want to say no.

[8] Stress less.

Stress = bad. Hot baths and Bath & Body Works stress relief line are definitely in my 2016.

New Year New You



So that’s what I’ve come up with so far.

If you wanna join in on my New Year New You BS PLZ DO.
Comment below with what you would add to my list!! :)

Wishing you happiness + health throughout the new year.
Cheers to 2016.

xxoo Drea Marie

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