Winter Style Report

Hay you guys. How are we today?
Mid-November and hello it’s time to explore winter style + trends.
Before we know it {unless it has already happened where you are} the temps will drop and we need to be prepared, fashionably of course.

Okay SOOO I’ve broken it down for you into trends, added some fab collages and DO NOT miss the Christmas party outfit guide at the end cause it’s that time of year and I bet hot Eric from accounting will be at the Xmas bash.

Lace It Up.

LOVE. Now, I’m a fan of both meanings. Lace as in ‘shoelace’ and lace as in ‘the fabric’. If you look around, lace up shoes and lace up shirts are becoming more and more common in magazines, street style reports & on runways. I’ve included my favs below.
Now, lace the fabric…. so we’re not taking old school tacky lace, we’re talking sultry, modern lace. I just bought this high-neck lace blouse that I am obsessing over. For Love & Lemons does lace perfectly. Addicted to all of their stuff. Also, added bits of lace on shirts or jackets is fab.



Lace It Up



MONOCHROME layer outfits are insane. I’m loving this trend. An all cream outfit is everything. Or all black… or all grey like it’s so chic and posh I can’t even handle.

So lesson: Layer layer layer.

I just feel like layering is essential. It adds dimension, interest and style all at the same time. My GF Raquelle shared a secret with me…

Rule of 3:
Limit your outfit to 3 different colors at one time.

Okay so this rule works like a charm. If you’re not doing a monochrome outfit just make sure you limit yourself to 3 different colors. So like burgundy, olive and taupe. Literally right now I’m wearing grey, black and leopard. I’ve included patterns into this little secret as well. My coat right now is also a pattern but it’s all black so it fits the rule.


black + olive + grey = my three for this outfit.

Drop Crotch Pants.

Yes. It’s here people. Drop crotch pants are in. The trick is to get the right fit, which is honestly really difficult so be patient.

Style Secret: make sure they fit properly in the thighs and hips.

PS // Still loving oxblood/burgundy skinnies. Leather leggings are in but on the verge of out. I love leather, however, leather leggings are literally every where {am I right?!}. Instead maybe try pushing the envelope and straying from the norm. I’m taking my leather addiction and seeking it in other articles. Look for leather trimmed tops/jackets or collars {uhmazing}.

Coloured Coats.

Guys, coloured coats are a thing. So random right?! Black is NOT gone but a sexy olive or even trendy baby blue can be striking.

Style Secret: Make sure you go for fitted in the shoulders and arms for sure.

Also, add a pair of leather gloves. It adds the perfect amount of glam.



Coats by drea-e featuring a red cape

Top Handle Bags.

Shake things up and add a pop of colour here. If you’re not totally comfortable with a jewel tone bright blue or neon purple bag go for a deep burgundy or maybe a taupe purse.

Style Secret: If you go for that baby blue coat as mentioned before, stick to a neutral coloured bag.

Zac Posen ‘Eartha’ top handle bag


Flat Black Boots.

I’ve mentioned this in the fall fashion post as well. Flat black boots with a bit of a stacked heel are in this season and I’m loving it. So easy to walk and your style is always on point.


Michael Kors studded boots that I’m obssessed with


Xmas Party Season!!

Ahhhhh the most wonderful time of the year. Okay so I have some ideas below, obviously.

// Sparkle + glitter is in
// Jumpsuit
// Strapless dress
// Structured skirt*
// High neck blouse {try lace} + skirt


Thick, black eye liner + red lip
Smokey eye + nude/deep taupe lip
Pair with a top knot or low bun

My fav thing on the list is the structured skirt.
So trendy and plus you look like a total princess {winning!}. All you need is a crown… or at least some kind of fab sparkly statement necklace..
Cue Bauble Bar! UHMMM surprise:

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Xmas Bash


Little reminder for ya:
This seasons colors are earthy + bright jewel tones.

{black, sage, earthy green, oak, taupe, burgundy + neons, bright purple, vibrant blue, bright oranges and Barbie pinks}

xxoo Drea Marie

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