How to Create the Perfect Flat Lay

Drea Marie is sharing how to create the PERFECT flat lay. Whether you're a blogger, photographer or avid Instagrammer, this is for you.

Today I’m spilling my tips + tricks on how to create the perfect flat lay. It’s mayyyyybe a little blogger/photographer directed. OR it’s also for anyone looking to step up their IG game. Cause we all know Instagram is life. JK calm down. Numero uno, it takes practice and TONS of playing around. BUT I can lay out {ha..ha} some pretty easy guidelines for you to follow to create the perfect flat lay. Wait what is a flat lay? A flat lay is a photography technique used to showcase products or tell a story. Basically it’s rearranging objects or materials on a surface in a way that captivates your followers/audience. I do a lot of flat lays. Like a LOT. And I’ve learned a few things. […]

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DREA’S Summer Playlist x Spotify

Calgary based lifestyle blogger Andrea Ewanishan shares the hottest spark{le} summer playlist on Spotify. LIsten, save it, love it.

Hayyy chicka How’s your summer going? Nice weather, lake, patio nights, ahhhhh the life. K but whats missing? SOME EFFING SICK TUNES. Have no fear, I got chu. K I made the BEST spark{le} summer playlist on Spotify for you babes. Think rooftop patio party style. It’s got everything from a bit of rap to EDM to Fergie. Tons of remix’s. Your friends are going to be asking you where you got these tracks so you can share this playlist by clicking on it and hitting “share”. There is enough love to go around. So hit that play button below and start getting ready cause you’re about to throw the sickest summer party yet.        For even more secrets make sure you follow me […]

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Father’s Day GIFT GUIDE

Andrea Ewanishan, lifestyle blogger, shares a fabulous Father's Day gift guide. Her ideas will keep your super hero smiling from ear to ear.

Girlfriend.. FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE is here cuzzzzz Sunday June 19, 2016 is when we get to celebrate our lovely dads.   I’ve got everything for adventurous dads, workout dads, business dads and tech dads. If all else fails, Eddie Bauer gift cards mixed with a day spent with dad will leave him as happy as can be. So let’s get into it shall we? Father’s Day Gift Guide {for the main men in our lives}: ***NOTE: Clear your day. Go for brunch. Spend TIME with Dad this weekend***   Father’s Day Gift Guide   Father’s Day Gift Guide // spark{le}    x UM a smart jump rope. Workout dads are going to jump for joy over this one. Pun intended. It not only COUNTS jumps but syncs […]

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spark{le}Notes: ‘Making a Murderer’ // #NoFilter

SPOILER ALERT Welcome to spark{le}Notes on ‘Making a Murderer’. Let’s get real. If you haven’t watched the ‘Making a Murderer’ series on Netflix yet then what the h$*# are you waiting for?!?! Also don’t read this post. Read it as soon as you’re done. This series is the biggest hit since Idon’tevenknowwhen. Everyone is getting into it. I basically consider Gigi Hadid and myself besties cause we both are tweeting over it. That’s got to mean something. Today we’re gathering all the info and laying it out on the table to decide what the eff happened in Manitowoc, WI on Halloween night in 2005. Pour yourself a glass and get your Tiffany’s pen + paper out partner. The Documentary   After ten years in the making, ‘Making […]

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