Drea Marie shares her go to festival style must haves for this music festival 2017 season.


It’s time to start talking FESTIVAL STYLE!!!

OMG Coachella weekend 1 is in ONE FREAKING WEEK.

7 DAYS PEOPLE. Hurry, call in sick, grab a pen and paper and get to the mall. Orrrrr go online and treat yourself to express shipping. Kidding. I’m a bad influence.

But seriously I’m going to be giving you an outline of what you should be looking for for this years festival style! PS make sure to have a look at last years festival style and survival kit posts for more inspo.

ALSO, do you want a festival beauty post? I can whip one up in no time flat. Lemme know in the comments.

Drea Marie shares her go to festival style must haves for this music festival 2017 season. 

Raise your hand if you’re dying for that palm print swimsuit.


Guys a HUGE trend for this year is one piece swimsuits with ripped denim shorts. I am so loving this. Practical, fashionable and so fun. 
There are TONS of cute one piece suits with different phrases, colors and prints on them just google it. 

My fav is the one above though and it is the JADED LONDON LEAF PRINT ROPE LACE UP SWIMSUIT for $83.

HOLD ONTO YOUR TOPS, this site I JUST found 2 days ago and my wishlist is nearing 50 items. Lord help me. It’s called Shein.com and not only is their swimwear/clothing amazing but so are their PRICES… avec FREE SHIPPING. Stopppppp. Go check it out.
I love lists. So I’m going to make one for you of EVERYTHING you need to be ready for that desert runway.

Statement necklace

Layer on the necklaces, anklets, bangles, etc. Statement necklaces are 100% festival worthy.

Festival tattoos

Don’t splurge on Flash Tats. Honestly. Just get some from target, forever 21, amazon, where ever. They don’t need to be expensive cause they will eventually rub off anyways but are SO good while they are on.

Body chains

Really big right now. So cute with a bikini or crop top and shorts/skirts. Definitely get yourself one for the weekend. 

A Jacket/coat at night 

It gets cold. I’m 100000% serious. I live in Canada and I’m telling you it gets cold at night in the desert. Super drastic +30 and above to like 5 degrees celsius. SO BRING A JACKET. I’m loving this one for $49

Drea Marie shares her go to festival style must haves for this music festival 2017 season.

Silk scarf

You’ll definitely need some sort of scarf for the dust. Get a cheap one from Forever 21 or Simons and tie it around your neck or purse. When you need it, drape the scarf over your nose and mouth and tie at the back of your head. You’ll be thanking me I promise. It gets windy in the desert and with 99,000 people kicking up dirt, you breathe in a ton of it. Bleh.

One piece swimsuit or body suit as a top with ripped jean shorts

Huge trend this year. I LOVE. I think it’s so flattering too. On Shein.com there are tons of swimsuit options like I mentioned. 


HUGE. I not kidding. Don’t take cute over comfort with this I am serious. You won’t last 3 hours let alone 3 days with that heat and dirt in cutesie painful shoes. 
Not kidding, one year I found my self at the medical tent getting my cracked heels bandaged. So then I rocked THAT look the rest of the trip… I’ve warned you.
Check out last years post on festival footwear.


Not necessary but helpful. I mean it’s a love hate thing. Hate the wind blowing my hat off, love the sun protection it gives me. I’d bring one and then save it for when they aren’t calling for huge wind gusts.

Reflective sunnies with sunglass chain 

Honestly gold sunglass chains are really on trend. Super trendy fashion accessory for the desert. Pair them with reflective sunnies like these ones from my collage and you’re golden. Reflective is IN this season.

Sintillia has the SICKEST sunglass chains. I want so many of them. They EVEN have a ‘Festival Season’ tab here

Drea Marie shares her go to festival style must haves for this music festival 2017 season.{photo from Sintillia}


With the ripped jean shorts, a must. I love a blingy belt or one with a silver buckle. Perfect for festival season and ALSO stampede ;).

Long dress (WIND)

LOVE dresses for the festival! Love a flowy breezy look. PROBLEM: the wind….. One time I brought a shorter flowy dress and had to wear bikini bottoms underneath because seriously the wind was blowing my dress up every 5 minutes. UGH. Anyways, look for LONG dresses!! SO many options oh my gosh. Simons has this really cute one right now.

All the denim

Two words. One Teaspoon. The best ripped jean shorts out there. Or get DIY with it and shred some Levi’s. You can’t go wrong with denim shorts and jackets.


Lastly, jumpsuits and rompers. Full length jumpsuits will be everywhere this festival season. I LOVE this one from Kiss the Sky on ASOS for $83.

Drea Marie shares her go to festival style must haves for this music festival 2017 season.{photo from ASOS}

That’s it! Make sure you check out my posts from last year on style and beauty.
If you want an updated festival beauty post lemme know in the comments below!
Chat later. 
xxoo Drea Marie

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