Oh hello, it’s been ummm WAY too long.

I basically took on a full time job that I didn’t realize was a full time job. My Wedding.

100% worth it though. Ohhhh my goodness. Hands down the BEST day of my life. 

Now I want to share with you all EVERRRYYYTTTHHING. From wedding shows to decor to beauty to tips & tricks I learned along the way. And I will. In parts. Because there is literally 3290487329 things to talk about.

I went back and forth with how to break this all down. I’ve decided to actually SHOW you my wedding first, this way you can actually visualize what I had in my head the whole time. Then we can chat about EXACTLY how I put it all together and what wedding hacks I used to create the most magical day ever.


(ALLLL pictures taken by my very talented wedding photography Amy Bell from Modern Nest Photography)


One of the first things every wedding app tells you to do, (other than the guest list), is to pick your theme and wedding colours. This part was incredibly easy for me. Classy yet sassy. I wanted CLASSIC. Black and White. I had no other competing ideas. It was black and white or bust. There is something so sophisticated and clean cut about a black and white wedding that I just couldn’t give up. PLUS, how easy?!?! You guys, we had the groomsmen wear ANY plain black suit that they already had or that they picked up to their own discretion. My bridesmaids were the same. Any floor length, black dress. This was a great way for them all to show off their personalities, stay within budget and at the same time actually like the dress they buy! Plus everyone looked amazing as they chose the most flattering necklines/cut for themselves.


I knew exactly what I wanted. TONS OF GREENERY mixed with WHITE flowers. Plus, greenery is a GREAT way to cut cost!! It’s much more affordable. The mix with white was stunning and classic. Exactly what I was looking for. Angela with Esmé Florals did ALL my flowers and absolutely blew me away. They arrived fresh from Holland and really brought my decor and entire wedding up a notch. She did the most amazing job.


So funny, SO Justin & Ixchel, our videographers from Parfait Productions, sat down with us and asked us to describe our day in 3 words. Adam said rage. I said classy and elegant. We also added, sophisticated yet relaxed. SOUNDS PRETTY UNUSUAL. But what we envisioned was backyard wedding intimacy meets Fairmont elegance. Tons of fun but classy AF. Deane House embodies this EXACT vibe.

Lastly, take a look at our WEDDING VIDEO!! AHHHHhhhhhh. Parfait Productions did such an amazing job and totally captured the vibe we were aiming for.



Next up, I’ll be sharing my vendors and how I found and decided on each of them so stay tuned!!

xxoo Drea Marie

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