NYE Outfits // Here we go

It’s New Years EVE!!!!

Holy. Okay I’ve been MIA, I know. BUT who else literally falls into a black hole between Christmas and New Years? I was pretty much walking around in my pajamas the whole time wondering who I was and what year am I was in. I also don’t think the sugar coma helped. GAHHH life reset. HOW PERFECT! It’s HOURS until 2017!!!!

New year new you.

I’m throwin’ it back to last years 2016 resolutions and seeing how far I’ve come….

[1] More blogging. > Yes! I took more risks, blogged more and have had a very successful year blogwise!

[2] More photography. > Yeah girl. Next step… New camera.

[3] More yoga + health & wellness > It’s been a rollercoaster. However, I work every day at it!

[4] Read a book. > Omg you guys  someone help me find one that holds my attention. I NEED TO DO THIS IN 2017. OKAY also I’m not talking eBooks or articles etc I spend my time on for the blog, I’m talking hard cover, get in the tub, relax and finish Mindy’s latest release.

[5] LESS JUNKY FOOD. > YUP! I’ve had a FAB last few months. Then Christmas came and well… I’ll get back on the horse with Withings help.

[6] Wake up and be awesome. AKA be a girlboss. Oh and also literally read the book #GIRLBOSS. > Chippin’ away everyday! and yes, of course I still need to read that book. 

[7] Eat, drink and be cozy with my people. > Yes :) I’ve gone out less this year and I am SO happy about it. I love making myself and my close friends a priority.

[8] Stress less. > Well, I just got these fab essential oils for XMAS that I can’t wait to dive into. I’m a stressy person. Daily battle hahaha


OK less talk more outfits. NEXT UP..

What the #@%* are we wearing tonight?!?! Actually before we talk outfits, what the heck are we doing?

Staying in? Going to Banff? Dressing up for a fancy NYE party?

I’ve got a couple options for each of these plans.


Calgary lifestyle blogger Drea Marie shares her NYE outfit suggestions and a quick reflection on last years resolutions. 

>> If you’re hitting the town then I LOVE a sequin or glittery outfit for New Years Eve. When else is it totally acceptable AND a party statement?? I actually have a gold sequin bomber I got from Anthropologie years ago and NYE is my FAV time to rock it.

 >> Going away for the weekend? I imagine some bubbly, a mountain view, snow, and good company. Sometimes, to be perfectly honest, you’d rather be more comfortable  while away from home. Skip the 6 inch heel, sequin mini-dress combo and opt for a faux fur vest, fancy silk blouse and chic skinny jeans. Pair with walkable booties cause we both know your night will consist of cabs and possibly taking the wrong turn on your way back to the hotel. PS stay safe out there darling.

>> Staying in? Me too. Maybe I’ll even find a fondue set to test out while the fire burns and my hunny pops the bubbly. I feel like it’s still so fun to get a little dressed up!! Whether you’re hanging out with family, close friends or your bf wear a fun t shirt and doll yourself up with a bright pink lippie.


K doll, time to find that fondue set.

All the love to you and have the most fabulous time ringing in 2017.
xx MUah! 

xxoo Drea Marie

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