IT’S MY BIRTHDAY // & birthday outfit inspo

Drea Marie shares her fabulous birthday outfit picks.

GOOOOOOOD MORNINNGGGGG! OMG IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Thank you thank you. Who else is obsessed with their birthday? I mean, aren’t we all?! It’s the one day you can wake up to champagne, cake & a crown and NO ONE thinks it’s obnoxious. So I thought I’d share with you all my BIRTHDAY OUTFIT IDEAS!!! “OMG What r u gunna wear?!” I mean isn’t that the MAIN question us besties ask each other? Especially on our birthdays. But first let’s start off with a little birthday queen bevy!   Drea Marie’s Birthday Starbucks Order Ask for a Grande Soy Americano Misto with 2 pumps {sugar-free, if avail} toffee nut.  I wrote about this order last year and hellloooo it’s back again, obv. SO YUMYY. Plus the extra americano gives you the […]

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What’s in the Bag for Spring?

whats in the bag - spring

Spring tiiiiiiime! That means it’s time for a purse cleanse.  Hahhhh yes, you can do a diet cleanse too but girl it’s time to spring clean that handbag of yours.  I’m opening my Minkoff ‘Moonstruck’ bag & giving you guys an insider look into what my spring bag consists of:      x iPhone 6s Plus // OBVIOUSLY. I love my 6s plus so so much. Also, the Felony Case studded rose gold case is such a show stopper. I get tons and tons of compliments.  x Excel Gum x Headphones x Pen x Glam bracelets // These are my go-to. The studded one is from Stella & Dot and the other two are from my fav boutique in Edmonton, Four Boutique. x Ibuprofen // Who knows when cramps […]

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Chokers Are Back With a Vengeance

Remember those amazing ‘tattoo’ chokers circa 1998? Yeah, you probably had a black one and a rainbow one cause I mean didn’t we all? You’ve also probably noticed their incredible comeback recently. Chokers started to emerge last year and I’m here to let you know they are back with a vengeance. I was seriously not on board at first… I felt like they were too abrasive, but then I realized how striking a sleek pony, choker and bold eye liner could be. Immediately I’m on my laptop searching relentlessly for the perfect choker.   Myyyyy my my how the 1998 tattoo choker has transformed. Yes, she is still trendy but even more so is her grown up sister the black velvet choker or classy cousin the gold choker necklace. It really […]

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Live from Coachella 2015 {Wkend 1, Day 2}

Hey cutie Another fringe filled day done and I’m bringing you a quick update and sneak peek into the Coachella 2015 festival. Coachella 2015 Style These girls. Im totally digging everything about their outfits. Obsessed. Listen Day 2 was once again packed with awesome sets. Do not miss Deorro or Annie Mac. Annie Mac killed it inside the Yuma tent. You NEED to check it out next weekend. They have re done the tent to look like a high school gym dance party. It is everything. Lets see what we get up to today ;) xxoo Drea Marie

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