HAYYY GIRL HAYYYYY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEEEKK! We all know I am obsessed with my birthday. It’s a time for cupcakes, bubbly, glitter, happiness, unicorns, basically everything extra. SO. To start off the week I’m sharing what is on my WANT LIST lately. Yes, it’s my birthday wishlist but also it’s new trends and products that I’m loving. Keep this close for yourself or even gift ideas for friends/family!! FYI I’VE LINKED EVERYYYYYTHING HERE + MORE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.  BUT FIRST, PROSECCO. We need a birthday drink. Remember at Xmas I talked about that amazing SPARKLY PURPLE {my fav color} Viniq? And again here. Mixed with prosecco it is AMAZING. Swirly, sparkly goodness. So yeah that’s on the menu this week forsure. BUBBLY + VINIQ […]

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SWIRL Custom Cakes & Desserts is 10/10 GLAM.

We’re talking CAKE today. So last weekend I saw probably the most stunning cake I’ve ever seen and/or will see in person. It was flecked with 24K gold edible foil and took 25 hours to complete. It also hung from the ceiling. No I am not making this up. SWIRL Custom Cakes & Desserts is taking over the YYC cake game. I am OBSESSED. Lynnette MacDonald is the founder/head designer of SWIRL and, just like her confections, is incredibly sweet. You can tell just by talking to her that she puts her whole heart into each masterpiece she creates. Her passion and drive is obvious and so are her skills. She puts 110% into her creations and ohhh my gosh you can tell. Okay can we discuss these […]

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY // & birthday outfit inspo

Drea Marie shares her fabulous birthday outfit picks.

GOOOOOOOD MORNINNGGGGG! OMG IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Thank you thank you. Who else is obsessed with their birthday? I mean, aren’t we all?! It’s the one day you can wake up to champagne, cake & a crown and NO ONE thinks it’s obnoxious. So I thought I’d share with you all my BIRTHDAY OUTFIT IDEAS!!! “OMG What r u gunna wear?!” I mean isn’t that the MAIN question us besties ask each other? Especially on our birthdays. But first let’s start off with a little birthday queen bevy!   Drea Marie’s Birthday Starbucks Order Ask for a Grande Soy Americano Misto with 2 pumps {sugar-free, if avail} toffee nut.  I wrote about this order last year and hellloooo it’s back again, obv. SO YUMYY. Plus the extra americano gives you the […]

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