Thanksgiving Tips + Fashions {& a treat }

Hey gorgey

Thanksgiving is this weekend.
Yeah that means food, family gatherings, friends, chilly weather, and Grannies famous pumpkin pie.

So I’ve got 2 parts to this weeks post.

1.} How not to gain 5 lbs from Thanksgiving

2.} What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner

As mentioned before, our frenemy ‘Food’ will be at Thanksgiving dinner.

In order to keep you and Food from having a complete meltdown cat fight this year, follow these 5 secrets:

1.} Pick the small plate
You can still sit at the adult table but pick the small plate. It’ll help you with portion control. If you’re still starved after one plate you can always get more but if it’s in front of you you’re more likely to finish it all and then comes the “I literally just ate a small village” guilt. Not cute.

2.} Water, water, water {+ Prosecco}
Fill up on water. You’ve most likely heard this 1349832 times but I can’t stress it enough. More water = less room for high cal food. Also, when your body is actually thirsty this signal can sometimes but misunderstood as hunger. Your body is craving something so give it water first. Plus, a glass of Prosecco never hurt.

3.) Bird is the word
Get that turkey girl. Protein protein protein. Fill up on the meat. I’m not going to lecture you on white meat being healthier than dark meat. You want dark meat? You choose dark meat. Just don’t go free willy with the gravy and you’re winning.

 4.} Veggiez > Starches/Fat/Carb
I say half my plate should be protein and the other half can be veggies. So get that salad, asparagus, green beans, carrots, peas, then leave the bun, potatoes & creamed corn.

5.} Indulge in your fav treat
Pick one treat. ONE. So you can’t live without pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner? Have it. Need that potatoe salad? Get it. Whatever you’re starch/sugar NEED is, indulge. We don’t want to gain 5 lbs but we also don’t want to go Britney 2007 over it.


Next, what are we gunna wear??!?!?!??!?!?!?

I’ve got some ideas, as always.

// Sweater
// Long sleeve dress
// Sweater Dress
// Fur Vest
// Black Skinnies + Casual Blazer

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xxoo Drea Marie

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