Wanna Go To NYFW?

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future…
this is known as Fashion Week.”
Carrie Bradshaw {Sarah Jessica Parker, Duh}

New York Fashion Week, or NYFW as we like to call it, is currently underway.
Now how many of you lost invites in the mail? I know, me too. I was just as surprised.
I’d just hate to be Karl’s intern when he realizes what has happened #Tragic.

ANYWAYS, enough about me and more about you.. and me.

We obvi still wanna go, and now is our chance to experience NYFW upfront, personal and BACKSTAGE #VIPLIFE.
Stick with me, I know all the secrets sweetheart.

How to Experience NYFW Like a VIP Without Even Going:




Um I’m obsessed. Periscope. Download it now. Okay so kind of like snapchat BUT you can take longer video and its LIVE. You literally can type to the person periscoping and see exactly what they are seeing in real time. PLUS, their periscope video is available to watch for 24 hours. So incase you are busy when they go LIVE or you wanna re watch the fashion show, you can. Omg you guys it is literally the best. You can watch fashion shows FRONT ROW, experience backstage through the eyes of the designer AND hit up the hottest after parties with your A list frenemies.
So you’re probably already asking “K but what celebs? Who is periscoping NYFW?”. Well, I’ve done the research and the results are in:


#1 // My girl Stassi Schroeder
She is at NYFW and doing a fab job documenting it for me to watch. Plus, Stassi is hilarious and I’m pretty sure we would be BFFs. She’s my spirit animal.

// Alice + Olivia
// Anna Sui
// J.Crew
// Herve Leger
// Rebecca Minkoff
// Ralph Lauren
// Tommy Hilfiger
// Rachel Zoe
// Jillian Harris
// Tyra Banks

Here’s a little snapshot of my phone last night


We know this one. Snapchat. Photos, short videos, stories, get it all. Just download and add your fav designers, or celebs. Again, Jillian Harris and Stassi Schroeder are my favs. But here is a list of Brands, Magazines and Models that you should also add during NYFW.





Gigi Hadid: @doublegiforce
Hailey Baldwin: @haileybisboring
Kendall Jenner: @kendalljenner
Joan Smalls: @joan_smalls
Taylor Hill: @taylor_hill
Ashley Smith: @asherfats
Edie Campbell: @ediecampbell
Eniko Mihalik: @eniko.m
Devon Windsor: @devwindsor
Greta Varlese: @gretavarlese
Irina Djuranovic: @eirenedj
Josephine Skriver: @jojoskriver
Larissa Marchiori: @lariimarchiori
Marina Nery: @marinadnery
Molly Bair: @molllsbair
The Society: @thesocietynyc
Soo Joo Park: @soojoomoojoo
Ysaunny Brito: @ysa03
Andreea Diaconu: @andreeadiddy


Allure: @alluremag
GQ: @gq_magazine
Harper’s Bazaar: @harpersbazaarus
InStyle: @instyle
Man Repeller: @man_repeller
Marie Claire: @marieclairemag
Complex: @complexmag
The Cut: @the.cut
Elle: @elleusa
Fashionista: @fashionista_com
Glamour: @glamourmag
Paper: @papermagazine
Teen Vogue: @teenvogue
Yahoo! Style: @Yahoo_Style


Okay so download the NYFW App along with the Fashion Week App for live streams, Live replays, tweets, IG photos and also SHOP THE DESIGNERS. Omg I know.


Follow NYFW {obvi} and NYTimesFashion in addition to your fav designers, models, bloggers and celebs.


Follow NYFW and FashionWeekNYC and check out these hashtags:
+ #NYFW #NYFW4All #NYFWLive #NYFW2015

Okay kiddies, so that is your insider secret guide to experiencing NYFW sans NYC.

BTW… you should totally add me on the above apps too ;)

xxoo Drea Marie

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