Fall Fashion Favs!!

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OMG so, next week is ALREADY New York Fashion Week #NYFW. Did it literally become September over night? I mean I got my PSL Fan Pass yesterday…. BTW you can score an early bird Pumpkin Spice Latte here  … Password is Pumpkin… Obvi.
So in the spirit of fashion and PSL’s let’s spill over this falls must have wardrobe essentials + trends.

Super Stylin’ Guide to Female Fall Fashions:

NOTE: The fall staples AKA leather leggings, plaid, scarves, chunky knits + turtlenecks still apply this season too. Check out last years frisky fall fashion post here for even more wardrobe musts.



Okay so theres liiiiiike a ton of trends from the runway each season. I’m just gunna go ahead and list the ones I believe will take your style next level.

  • Bling is back

    Yesssss, I love jewellery. Jewellery can completely change an outfit. That’s why I’m super pumped bling is in. Especially big bold earrings. Check out BaubleBar, which is my fav jewellery line along with Stella & Dot.

  • Chokers

    I literally sported a choker necklace in grade 4 as Sporty Spice for Halloween. And now they are back with a vengeance {the choker, not the Spice Girls, ugh I wish}. I’m not even mad about it. A little throwback never hurt anyone.

  • Top Handle Bags

    So chic, so posh. There is something about top handle bags that adds the perfect touch of class.

  • Over the knee boots

    I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of over the knee boots over a year now. They are super in this season. With the right outfit over the knee boots are so trendy. No, you won’t look like Pretty Woman. You can actually pair them with leggings, tights, bare legs, skirts, shorts, dresses, rompers, I mean the options are endless.

  • Stacked Heels + Flat Black Boots

    I’m a stiletto whore. I LOVE STILETTOS. But stacked heels are catching my eye. I find them super stylish and EVERYWHERE on the runway. Comfort is making a comeback and it’s not in the blanket business. Under the same category of shoes and comfort, is another HUGE trend. Black, flat boots to stomp around in this fall. Love it.

  • Coats

    Big cozy shearling wool coats are going to be in high demand this fall. I lovvvvve this look. Long, wrap coats are also so perfect. Aritzia just got a great selection in. These statement coats will be a staple in your closet this season I promise you.

  • Sparkly Dresses

    Glam it up girl. Sparkly, glittery, shimmery. Whatever you wanna call it, these dresses are hot. Try a long sleeve option.

  • High neck blouses

    You guys, high neck blouses/tops with a sleek top knot is the sh*#. It demands attention.

  • Mini skirts

    Yes, mini skirts for fall. Wear it with tights, heels and a high neck blouse. Oui, oui!

  • Flares

    So last year it was skinnies. Well skinnies are out and flares are in. Now, I’m not a huge fan of the 70s inspired bell bottom, BUT, the rag & bone flares featured below are everything.



So those are the wardrobe essentials for fall. THESE however, are the trends you’ll be seeing all over.

// Lace
// Head to toe black or grey or winter cream
// Fur
// Leather {again, yes, but are we mad about it? Hell no.}


This seasons colors

earthy + bright tones.
{black, sage, earthy green, oak, burgundy + neons, bright purple, bright oranges and barbie pinks}
The concept is weaving together “hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural” as described by Pantone.com.

There you go girl. Fall Fashion 101. Now check out the collage below for inspo ;)
Chat later sweet cheeks.

Fall Fasions


xxoo Drea Marie

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