Hairstory NEW WASH is the 2017 Way to Clean Your Hair.

Calgary based lifestyle blogger Drea Marie shares the 2017 way to clean your hair; Hairstory New Wash! She's found her hair haven.

Holy Guacamole. I HAVE to share this like right NOW. There is a way to clean your hair WITHOUT dehydrating shampoo.  No longer do we have to fear that our hair is “breaking” from removing natural oils with chemical packed shampoo. The days of not shampooing for a week or caking on the dry shampoo 5 days in a row are OVER. Those can stay in 2016 as far as I’m concerned. This year is all about Hairstory’s NEW WASH. Let’s start at the very beginning. About a month and a bit ago I read this article on Immediately I was intrigued. I LOVE Bumble & Bumble. You guys know I am constantly featuring prêt-à-powder on the blog. Plus, the fab hair salon {Hedkandi} I […]

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The New MacBook Pro 2016 is LEGIT.

OH HIIIII did you forget about me? HOW WAS EVERYONE’S NEW YEARS?! Or are we not talking about that night yet? Fair. New subject. Who needs a new laptop? Who has been constantly deleting files and having temper tantrums when their laptop slows down to 1990 dial up speed? I HEAR YA. It’s a different world. A much faster world. If Mom doesn’t text me back in 1 minute I assume she’s given up on me. Kidding Mom. But we are all expecting lightning speed in every aspect of our lives now. It’s just our generation. SO when my MacBook Air from first year University was having a panic attack with every photo upload I would calmly tell myself ‘One day… one day we will move […]

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