Activated Charcoal

Lifestyle blogger Drea Marie shares her take on Activated Charcoal! Have you heard of it?! Check it out now. Let us know your thoughts!!

K have you heard of Activated Charcoal? COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE.   I actually am so intrigued. And so ofcourse I bought some.  The claim is that activated charcoal ABSORBS toxins. So think about that Boscia konjac charcoal face sponge we love. OR our fav Glamglow charcoal mud mask that legit pulls dirt and oil from our faces. Now lets take this info one step further… what if activated charcoal could actually help to absorb and eliminate toxins from our insides out too… HANGOVERS MEET YOUR MATCH. BUT some experts are skeptical as to whether it actually helps with that kind of issue.   Medically, activated charcoal is used to treat poisonings. It absorbs and draws out the toxins that have been ingested. So yeah, sometimes we […]

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