We’re officially in the holiday season. Which also means tons of gatherings to stuff into 4 weekends, which can be somewhat overwhelming. Thank goodness I have a solution for us.  Brunch. But not just any brunch. The best brunch in town.   It can be difficult getting everyone together in the evenings but honestly, send out a group text, organize to meet at Cleaver for brunch and I guarantee you there will be little to no scheduling conflicts.  Now let’s get to the goods. S’mores & Nutella French toast, challah bread, strawberry, maple syrup. Smashed avocado on toasted sourdough, bacon, poached egg, hollandaise. Buffalo chicken benny, hot sauce, celeric slaw. Fried chicken, sausage gravy, fried egg, buttermilk biscuit. Are you drooling yet? The bennies are […]

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Brunch So Hard.

Calgary based lifestyle blogger Andrea Ewanishan sharesΒ the best brunch outfits & style. Featuring her favourite wardrobe essentials.

Morning sunshine!! How are we!? It’s currently Stampede weekend {numero 2} in YYC and I know some of you are struggling to sit up right now. Take it easy girl. Call for some h2o, a gatorade and my hangover smoothie.    Alright, next up. BRUNCH OUTFITS. It’s a thing right? Someone types that six-letter word into the group chat and you’ve got about 30 mins to get there cause we all know the line will be around the block. Sound familiar? Well WHAT are we going to wear?! I’ve put together my fav brunch outfits and I have to say I am LOVING everything.   x That t shirt?! LOVE IT. x Pair it with some jean shorts for a casual look. x Grab a cute phone case. […]

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