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A few weeks ago I was able to attend a trend talk panel with bloggers and stylists discussing what’s trending now. Here are the 4 trends they couldn’t stop talking about. NOWWW I don’t aimlessly follow seasonal trends just because someone has said it will be “cool”. I mix my personal style with what’s trending to keep things innovative and fun. Use what you like and leave what you don’t! WARM NEUTRALS! Yes, I do love this trend. I usually do blacks or cool tones but recently bought a beige sweater for fall and I wear it ALL the time. They mentioned the trend doesn’t stop at jackets and sweaters but can be worn head to toe as a statement. I love this style! Think […]

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Drea is sharing all about Boobyball 2017 and Rethink Breast Cancer. We're discussing what to wear to this coveted fundraiser!

OH heyyyy girl Storing those 90s mom jeans? Bust ’em out. Boobyball is bringing the 90s back and it’s going to be BANGIN’. Remember last years post alllll about Boobyball? Well, it’s that time of year again. Tickets are STILL available for TORONTO, CALGARY, VANCOUVER, OTTAWA and HALIFAX. Super speedy history lesson to get everyone caught up. Boobyball launched in 2002 by a crew of super amazing women in support of their friend Sarah O’Regan who was diagnosed with an insanely aggressive form of breast cancer at just 23 YEARS OF AGE. Now here we are today, 16 years later and going strong. Boobyball is the most coveting breast cancer awareness fundraising event for young supporters.  Since starting, Boobyball has raised $4.2 MILLION DOLLARS for Rethink […]

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Thank god for Whiskey Weekend. Comfort and fashion are two things I love. So when they both come together, I’m one effing happy girl. I have been following this clothing brand online called Whiskey Weekend. Look it up.  It’s the bad ass IDGAF wit that I need in my life. Not to mention they’re LOCAL.  When their LOCALS ONLY line launched I knew we would love it. Hence why I am giving you an exclusssss look at some of their new designs. The two ripped t shirts aren’t even LAUNCHED yet. Sooo LUCKY YOU. Get ready to get your paws on these. These styles make comfort fashionable all on their own. I mean honestly those ripped tees?! I LOVE the white one that says “Honestly, […]

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