The BEST Dry Shampoos // You’re Gunna LUV

best dry shampoo

Hey loves Are you enjoying your summer?! Cabin life, pool days, camping trips, ice cream runs ahhhhh the best. It can get hectic. Which is why we rely HEAVILY on dry shampoo. I also really hate wasting money. There are SO many different kinds of dry shampoos and I’m here to tell you which ones to buy and which ones to skip, aka not wasted money aka more ice cream. The BEST Dry Shampoos Okay so things you need to keep in mind. 1 // Does it work? 2 // Does it smell good? 3 // Does it give you major volume? x Gosh Dry Shampoo This was my very first dry shampoo and I fell head over heels. It is SO GOOD. My go-to. […]

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