GUYS. so I finally went and checked out the new Calgary Simons location really quickly but I still managed to find some AMAZING pieces.  Then I realized we haven’t even discussed spring 2017 trends. WELLL hello!! I have a few I’m actually digging and ways that I would mix them into my wardrobe AKA you totally should too. shirt dresses Basically, grab your bfs dress shirt, tie it at the waist and walk out the door. Okay maybe not actually, but thats exactly the style. Pair with some sneakers and you’re golden. I’m LOVING these Vince ones at Simons, thanks to my girl Taylor for pointing them out. stripes Any and every. We’re talking these kind of stripes. They are huge for the Spring season […]

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Best Local YYC Boutiques

Drea Marie is sharing the Best Local YYC Boutiques. We're talking clothes, makeup and some other fun hot spot!

photo from Adorn Boutique Hiiii hi hi How is everyone?! Thursday hey? Friday eve as I like to call it. Sounds like the perfect day to start planning our weekend. PLUS IT’S INSANELY GORGEOUS OUT! Well, in YYC. We’re talking the best local YYC boutiques. I’ve put together a list of my favs for clothing, makeup and I’m going to dabble with the kids/mens too. You all know I’m sans children but I’ve done my research… AKA asked my GF for the best of the best. KILLARNY VANITY VAULT CALGARY The cutest makeup boutique. You know I LOVE Sephora and I do, but to mix things up, go check out Vanity Vault.   MISSION MODERN MENSWEAR Men, go here. If you’re looking for a trendy […]

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Drea Marie shares her VDAY FAVOURITES! Find out what she loves for Valentine's Day beauty and style ideas this year.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time for my VDAY FAVOURITES!!! Okay if you’ve been hanging around here for awhile then you know I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fanatic. I love love. But maybe I’ve had too many solo heart shaped pizza years or something, WHO KNOWS. Having said that, I do love a romantic look. Beauty + style are the two ingredients for a home run vday date night look. Tips for a feminine, flirty and sweet vday look: >> GLOW >> LONG LASHES >> PINK LIPS >> ROSY CHEEKS Don’t over do it. Save the drama for NYE and when you’re going to run into your ex. When it comes to the outfit, I’m dying for lace & sheer. Both are so sexy & […]

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My Obsession with Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Drea is LOVING her Girlfriend Collective leggings.... and they are FREE. For now... Just pay for shipping. So get them NOW!!!

A couple months ago I saw a post on Facebook for FREE leggings. Obvi I clicked on it and it’s a new company for workout leggings. Not just any workout leggings though, this companies design team is STACKED. From the lead Lululemon Lab designer to a software development manager for Amazon, this team knows what is UP. Especially when it comes to fit, function and design.  Instead of the budgeted money for advertising and marketing, Girlfriend Collective is giving out FREE leggings to create buzz. All you have to do is pay for shipping ($30 for the Canadian girls #worthittho). These leggings will go for around $100 retail and, I’m sorry but, have you ever worn lululemon leggings? Miracle workers. I knew this team of designers and business men/women would make an […]

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