Babe Friendly Fast Food

So you’re out running errands, shopping, saving the world and you’re starved.

First of all, babe tip #1: Carry a SimplyBar in your bag or car at all times.

If you’ve:
a) already finished that this am
b) decided a protein bar will not satisfy your growling tummy,
then what can you eat that WON’T ruin your diet or cause the dreaded post-meal guilt?

Here are my secrets for

Babe Friendly Fast Food


Grilled Chicken Wrap {Double Chicken} add onions or tomatoes if you’d like

250 cals
+ Fat 4g
+ Carbs 24g
+ Protein 30g

Ultimate Chicken Grill {skip the top bun}

230 cals
+ Fat 2.5g
+ Carbs 21g
+ Protein 30g

Chili {for a large}

250 cals
+ Fat 7g
+ Carbs 23g
+ Protein 23g


Grilled Chicken & Bacon Signature Wrap {no sauce, no cheese, double chicken}

280 cals
+ Fat 4g
+ Carbs 24g
+ Protein 28g

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad {no dressing, the seasoned chicken is enough for flavour}

185 cals
+ Fat 7g
+ Carbs 4g
+ Protein 27g


Reduced-Fat Bacon Style Turkey, White Cheddar & Egg White English Muffin Sandwich

230 cals
+ Fat 6g
+ Carbs 28g
+ Protein 13g

tip: skip the top bun :)


Hamburger Protein Style {no sauce}

160 cals
+ Fat 8g
+ Carbs 3g
+ Protein 11g

Mucho Burrito

Bare Burrito Bowl

215 cals
+ Fat 10g
+ Carbs 13g
+ Protein 18g


Oven Roasted Chicken Salad

120 cals
+ Fat 2.5g
+ Carbs 9g
+ Protein 15g

hint hint: Double the chicken ;)

Tim Hortons

Chili {no bun}

290 cals
+ Fat 16g
+ Carbs 20g
+ Protein 18g

Ham & Swiss Sandwich {hold the mayo, try without top bun, even LESS cals/fat/carbs}

370 cals
+ Fat 10g
+ Carbs 47g
+ Protein 23g

QUICK NOTE: Smoothies. I have a love/hate relationship with smoothies. Yes I’m a huge fan and I have one every morning that I make MYSELF. Buying smoothies from Jugo Juice/Booster Juice can actually pack more carbs then TWO McDonalds Hamburgers and next to nothing for protein. You have to be very careful when opting for a “super healthy” smoothie.
If you’re in a rush and Jugo Juice is the only option I would suggest either the Kale Nut, CoCo Plus or Extreme Protein smoothie.

Kale Nut {24 oz}

160 cals
+ Fat 3.9
+ Carbs 32
+ Protein 2.6

CoCo Plus {24 oz}

172 cals
+ Fat 0.3
+ Carbs 42
+ Protein 1.2

Extreme Protein {24 oz}

364 cals
+ Fat 4
+ Carbs 36
+ Protein 47

Booster Juice’s “highest protein” smoothie the Mind Over Matcha, in a 710 ml cup, only weighs in with 28g of protein… not to mention the 77g of carbs and 446 cals… Careful sweetheart.

xxoo Drea Marie

  love it

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