How To: Water Orchids. With Ice.


OMG okay so Mother’s Day is coming up REALLY fast and flowers are probably THE thing to get any Mom. It’s spring, moms like flowers, PLUS they are a quick + easy gift if you’ve been running around and {oops} totally forgot to buy a gift :| 
… it happens.

However, flowers can be high maintenance, ESPECIALLY ORCHIDS #diva.
If you’re a mom yourself or gifting orchids this year, you’re going to love this tip.

To help orchids last weeks on weeks on weeks, I’m talking a record orchid age here, don’t water them… just place 3 ice cubes in the pot near the root ONCE A WEEK.

This way, the orchid can absorb the water very slowly. Just how it likes. Also, the exact same amount of water is given every week, once a week.

How To: Water Orchids with Ice!How To: Water Orchids with Ice!

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How To: Water Orchids with Ice! How To: Water Orchids with Ice!


They suuuuure can be little divas but boy are they pretty. 

Make sure you check out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!! You still have time ;)

See you Saturday.

xxoo Drea Marie

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