Summer 2016 Hair Trends

Drea Marie has all the Summer 2016 hair trends. Call your stylist NOW!

Hey Gorgey!! Spring + summer are such a breath of fresh air… literally. Also, can you believe I’m talking about SUMMER?!??!! I KNOW!!! MY FAV!!!! We’re talking summer 2016 hair trends.
I loooove diving into summer with a bright & fresh hair cut + color. So call your hairstylist girl cause by the end of this post you’ll be craving a hair makeover STAT.


Drea Marie has all the Summer 2016 hair trends. Call your stylist NOW!


Summer Hair Styles

x Braids // OMG EVERYWHERE. Braids braids braids. From the runway to everyday I’m seeing braids twisting and turning in every which way. So embrace it. Check out youtube and get braiding.

x Straight Hair // aaaaaand Chi’s on, girls. Sleek, straight hair is in and I absolutely love this look.

x Short Fringe Bangs // Talk about a hot runway look. I’m not going to be fringing my mane out but if you can pull it off, it’s a super trendy, avant garde look.

x Puns…. Ponytail/bun // PUNS! OMG lol I did not know my low key effortless pontail bun was a) totally in and b) was called a pun. I rock this style allllllll the time. 4 real. I feel like it’s not shredding my hair as much as a messy bun is but still love a pulled back look.

Drea Marie has all the Summer 2016 hair trends. Call your stylist NOW!

x Sleek n’ low Ponytails // So sweet. I love hair pushed back, just like Regina. It shows off our lovely faces and it’s perfect for hot summer days. I live for a sleek pony moment.

x Headbandz // Bedazzle your do. #Obsessed with headbands. They add the right amount of glitz to a neutral or simple outfit.

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Summer Hair Colors

x Pastel Hues // Pastel was hot in 2015 and still is. If you can pull it off, DO IT. {pun intended}

x Flamboyage // If ombré and balayage had a child this would be it. Flamboyage is used for a brightened natural look.

x Nude Hair // LOVE THIS!! It’s a balance between cool and warm hues. We live in neutrals so why not, right?

x Snowlights // Add some sparkling lift for your summer mane. Pale bright blonde pieces scattered like snow.

x Rose Gold // Just like Emma Roberts. Dusty pink tinted blondes.

x Buttery Blonde // Warm blondes are coming back. Buttery, warm melty goodness.

x Cinnamon Swirl! // Keeping the warmth going… warm honey and brown sugar. Perfect yummy bronde!

x Deliberate Roots // THANK GOD! I’ve been waiting for this one. Deliberate roots are IN. Let’s all praise the hair heavens.


Drea Marie has all the Summer 2016 hair trends. Call your stylist NOW!

xxoo Drea Marie

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  1. I so wish I could braid my hair but I have no patience and I get so frustrated with my hair easily lol x

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