You know what sucks? When the holidays are over and you don’t really have an excuse anymore to eat every chocolate covered item in sight. Or an excuse not to workout but it’s still -100 outside, so you don’t feel like doing anything. I am right there with you. I saw this meme the other day and it really spoke to me. AMIRIGHT?! So let’s do this together. I have some easy tips that will get us motivated and back on track. Summer 18 here we come. 1 FIND A FRIEND. SERIOUSLY. This is probably the most important step. Find someone to sign up for classes together this will make you feel obligated to actually attend the gym or exercise class.  If everyone is busy […]

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Activated Charcoal

Lifestyle blogger Drea Marie shares her take on Activated Charcoal! Have you heard of it?! Check it out now. Let us know your thoughts!!

K have you heard of Activated Charcoal? COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE.   I actually am so intrigued. And so ofcourse I bought some.  The claim is that activated charcoal ABSORBS toxins. So think about that Boscia konjac charcoal face sponge we love. OR our fav Glamglow charcoal mud mask that legit pulls dirt and oil from our faces. Now lets take this info one step further… what if activated charcoal could actually help to absorb and eliminate toxins from our insides out too… HANGOVERS MEET YOUR MATCH. BUT some experts are skeptical as to whether it actually helps with that kind of issue.   Medically, activated charcoal is used to treat poisonings. It absorbs and draws out the toxins that have been ingested. So yeah, sometimes we […]

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Healthy Vegan Dressing Recipes x TNP Fitness

Drea Marie shares two healthy vegan dressings from Kaylor Betts of TNP Fitness.

Hello hello hellooooo I have an exciting post for you guys today. Super quick SUPER HEALTHY VEGAN DRESSING RECIPES from SCRATCH. Who doesn’t love a fresh, crisp, flavorful, FILLING salad on a hot summer day? Cheers of excitement!! wooooooOOOOO! No more Kraft or searching for something, ANYTHING, other then boring balsamic and olive oil.  Everyone say THANK YOU to Kaylor from TNP Fitness. If you don’t know Kaylor, he’s a bad ass personal trainer in Edmonton who started up his own personal training business AKA TNP Fitness. It’s pretty amazing. They run killer HIIT classes. Don’t miss my Girl Talk with him here.   NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. Kaylor swears by these and uhmmm obvi I agree too. Green Caeser is our favvvvv.       […]

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Bikini Body Guide 2.0

OMG WE’RE LATE. That’s okay dont panic. DON’T. PANIC. Have I ever told you I’m a panicky person? Well now you know. OKAY, focus Drea. IT’S BIKINI BODY GUIDE TIME :| “Totttttessss should be hardcore dieting & working out by now but guess what I’m not and yolo.” This is the contradicting motto I live by daily.. anyone else? But hey, we still have liiiiike a month and a half-ish {lucky us Canadians} so let’s not go into a full blown panic attack and just eat healthy. That sounds good right? Slowwwwly put down the cayenne lemonade gorgeous, we don’t need it. Bikini Body Guide 2.0 *Note: Toss the scale. Seriously. Toss it.*  Track It. First off, let’s get our calculators out. Click here and input […]

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